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BYE BYE 2018!!

We’re having a SALE & GIVEAWAY…

2018 was definitely a year of growth for Delusion MFG. We’ve had many successes throughout the year from establishing great relationships with customers and proving that we do our best to satisfy all of our customers no matter how small or large. Along with the success came many obstacles to battle and overcome, we appreciate all the support and feedback everyone has given us.

With that said, we couldn’t have grown and conquered the challenges without our customers. In the spirit of the holidays, we’ve decided to give back to our awesome customers.

If you haven’t had a chance to get on the deals we had over the year,
don’t you worry!

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For the rest of December we have a GIVEAWAY for 5 lucky winners. Make sure you enter for your chance to win an order of 50 custom hats here
The giveaway will run from December 14th to December 27th.

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Don’t think you’ll win? We’ve got you covered. In addition to the giveaway, we will be having a sale for 50 piece orders and 100 pieces orders. See details below and visit Delusion MFG for more. 

50 Piece Quantity = $11/per

100 Piece Quantity = $9/per 


We hope the end of the year is amazing for everyone as much as it was for us as we wrap things up. Looking forward to more amazing opportunities, relationships and growth in 2019! 

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Delusion MFG couldn't have grown so much without the help of our awesome customers. To end the year off right, we've decided to have a GIVEAWAY and SALE before 2019 sneaks around the corner. If you haven't had the chance to catch any of our deals in 2018, here's your last chance! We promise, it's a good one! 5 TOTAL WINNERS for the GIVEAWAY will be chosen. Don't think you'll win, don't worry, we have the SALE that fits your brand and business too.