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How to Grow Your Business Using Custom Apparel|Entrepreneur Tips

I am sure that most would agree that starting a business is VERY tough, and building an audience can be even HARDER.

But do things have to be that way? Or are there out of the box alternatives to creating a following and making a profit at the same time?

We can confidently say that using apparel to grow your business brand is not only beneficial but is cost effective. Opening a new chapter to your business will be greatly rewarding.

And in this particular blog post, we will show you a wide range of options for using branding options via apparel. This will help to boost your sales, traffic, and presence (both at your place of business and on various media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.).

The custom apparel industry is extremely popular with small businesses because of the results that companies have seen after branding themselves in a different outlet.

Custom Apparel Helps You & Your Customers

There are many benefits to custom apparel branding such as having customers be proud to represent you, your company, and what you stand for. Some of these benefits include: creating unique apparel that will essentially act as a walking billboard for your business as others will see your brand in a whole new way; creating a separate division within your company (leading to financial growth).

And the best part?

Involvement. Adding custom apparel items with your branding logos and artwork will not only bring more traffic to your business, but increase profits. Apparel will also allow customers to represent your brand all over the world.

Branding, Artwork, Apparel

Adding a new aspect to your business may be stressful at first! But, we have a few tips for anyone who wants to get involved in apparel for their brand.


  1. Deciding on a medium in which to use your branding may be difficult! Will you create hats, will you create shirts, will you do pins? How should you decide? The best way to decide on what works best with your customer is simply to “be your customer”. Observing trends within the audience you are targeting and clients you deal with on a daily or weekly basis will lead you in the direction of how you should attack the apparel monster. Small indications of making observations of styles that your customers embody or things they are interested in are big indicators! These can show you what they would want to see apparel-wise.
  2. Embracing your brand. You certainly want to involve ideas, offerings, and your brand goals and message within the apparel you will be creating. Using the ideas and stance that has lead you to success will show the care!  Also, that attention to detail that has made you who you are. This translates in every venture.
  3. Be simple BUT creative. Using simple designs that are bold yet unique will set you apart from others. Sometimes too much branding on a piece of apparel can take away from the main thing, your company. There are certainly endless resources for researching ideas and styles. But at the same time you want to embody what you believe is your brand message as well as targeting the audience correctly.

Why Believe Delusion MFG

Because we have seen the results firsthand. We have been involved in the custom apparel industry since 2008, with previous experience in the brand apparel sector and hospitality industry. That’s almost 10 years of experience! We have seen how not only has society and technology continued to change but the growth of the small business. Delusion MFG can proudly say that we continue to team up with business (from big to small) around the world! We gladly lend our hand in helping businesses grow and succeed on the custom apparel spectrum.

Want some inspiration to get you started?  Feel free to check out our Instagram page. Our page shows just a fraction of the products we have created by working with our customers.

Also, make sure to browse our wide selection of products from hats to leather patches and everything in between on our website.

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Want to learn more?

In our coming blogs, we will break down different branding and apparel options to help address some of the conceptions, myths, and certainly the intricacy of creating something all your own and grow your business.

The custom apparel industry is extremely popular with small businesses, and we will show you how to take advantage of this creative outlet effectively.