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10 Color Trends for 2019

Color is an art form, and with the endless spectrum of visible light, viewing conditions, shades, and base colors. The range of color one can achieve in various circumstances is infinite.

We are still creating and discovering new colors to this day and using them as guides for branding and fabric options at Delusion MFG, and I do not see this slowing down for a long, long time.

With that being said you may be asking yourself, “how am I should I go about choosing a color for my artwork, branding, fabric or everyday fashion ensemble?”

The best way to choose a color for future endeavors is by using Pantone Colors, these are the easiest to work with when generating artwork and matching fabric colors. Pantone color pallets and swatches are used for many custom headwear manufactures.

Any designer will tell you that these colors despite their fancy names and numbers hold vital information when it comes to color scales that are used digitally to pinpoint an accurate method for producing these in various mediums.

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I remember early on in Art Classes we were taught the acronym for a man’s name to remember the order of the rainbow / color spectrum; ROY G. BIV. Does this ring a bell? This could be one of the most important pieces of information you can obtain when using color because you not only learn the gradual change in color but allows you to choose secondary colors based on a position on the color wheel.

In this blog post, we will discuss both new colors developed based on previous trends, and how sometimes sticking to what you know results in a high success rate.

The spectrum never ends, but some trends do.

10 Trendy Colors for 2019

1. Raven (Pantone 19-0000 TCX)

Pantone color "raven"

This color’s name is representative of what you would imagine the color to be, a dark and mysterious shade of dark grey that does not quite reach a full-blown black, but quite close. Raven will add a nice professional look based on its position between a dark grey and black; while offering a very complimentary base for most colors to match secondarily.

2. Deep Water (Pantone 18-4032 TCX)

Pantone color "deep water"

Deep Water is a great centerground between light and dark blue. This color would be a great base or complimentary color for whites, creams, and other neutral colors.

3. High Risk Red (Pantone 18-1763 TCX)

Pantone color "high risk red"

No risk, no reward is the perfect description for this color. A seemingly medium red with bold characteristics will work well with someone looking to make a statement.

4. Oriole (Pantone 17-1350 TCX)

Pantone color "oriole"

The first time I noticed this color and saw the name it was clear to think of the Baltimore Orioles logo, which contains a nice bright orange to really make a statement in contrast to the black in the bird design. This same contrast could be a vital tool to bring your style together.

5. Spectra Yellow (Pantone 14-0957 TCX)

Pantone color "spectra yellow"

Sounds futuristic doesn’t it? This shade of medium to bright yellow is a statement color as well and will work great to draw attention to a branding area or article of clothing.

6. Treetop (Pantone 18-0135 TCX)

Pantone color "tree top"

A nice mixture of army and forest green, this subtle natural green would pair nicely with neutrals but also be a nice middle ground of sticking with what you know and making a statement.

7. Straw (Pantone 13-0922 TCX)

Pantone color "straw"

Straw is the epitome of a great neutral color, gaining its base from tan and beige. This color is one of the types of shades that I believe will only continue to gain popularity regardless of medium.

8. Tofu (Pantone 11-4801 TCX)

Pantone color "tofu"

Whether you like tofu or not, this is a great use of an off-white. Again, falling in the group that I would consider neutral, something like this works well with anything (as most neutral colors will).

9. Autumn Maple (Pantone 17-1145 TCX)

Pantone color "autumn maple"

Who doesn’t like fall? This color embodies a fall vibe and natural look that will be popular year-round. This color falls between an orange and brown, creating a nice mix.

10. Shaded Spruce (Pantone 19-4324 TCX)

Pantone color "shaded spruce"

This mix of blue and green presents a darker teal color for those who want to make a statement but not too over the top. We sometimes do not see enough of this type of shade, but I believe it will continue to gain popularity both in the street and high fashion industries, as well as home décor.

7 Eye Popping Colors for 2019

1 Island Paradise (Pantone 14-4620 TCX)

Pantone color "island paradise"

2. Pink Yarrow (Pantone 17-2034 TCX)

Pantone color "pink yarrow"

3. Carmine Rose (Pantone 17-2230 TCX)

Pantone color "carmine rose"

4. Hawaiian Surf (Pantone 18-4538 TCX)

Pantone color "hawaiian surf"

5. Ultra Violet (Pantone 18-3838 TCX)

Pantone color "ultra violet"

6. Tangerine Tango (Pantone 17-1463 TCX)

Pantone color "tangerine tango"

7. Turmeric (Pantone 15-1264 TCX)

Pantone color "turmeric"

Pro-Tip: Some colors will never go out of style. Colors such as white, black, and other neutrals will always be popular in their purest form. Always consider this when putting together your palette.

While some choose to go quietly, don’t be afraid to be bold and different. Use your brand message and content / context as a guide for your color choices.

Colors can relay meaning, message and emotion.

We wish you the best of luck moving forward into the New Year and please do not hesitate to drop and questions comments directly on this blog page for us to lend some knowledge!

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Why Believe Delusion MFG

Because we have seen the results firsthand. We have been involved in the custom apparel industry since 2008, with previous experience in the brand apparel sector and hospitality industry. That’s almost 10 years of experience! We have seen how not only society and technology has continued to change but the growth of the small business. Delusion MFG can proudly say that we continue to team up with business (from big to small) around the world! We gladly lend our hand in helping businesses grow and succeed on the custom apparel spectrum.

Want some inspiration to get you started?  Feel free to check out our Instagram page. Our page shows just a fraction of the products we have created working with our customers.

Also, make sure to browse our wide selection of products from hats to leather patches and everything in between on Delusion MFG’s site.

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The Grey Barn and Farm – Brand Spotlight

DELUSIONMFG has continued to find ways to truly connect and support all our clients, our next step has been adding the Brand Spotlight to our repertoire.

By recognizing brands that we have worked with, we are able to not only assist in bringing more traffic to their business but also give companies a platform to speak about their brand and experience with us.

This collaborative effort will also assist new or existing companies in receiving insight into the world of custom headwear and how it can positively influence and drive sales and traffic.

All companies were asked a series of questions to gain information about their brand, influences, style, experiences with adding custom headwear, and satisfaction with our company.

This week we are featuring a diversified family farm that is producing top quality organic food, produce and milk products.

The Grey Barn and Farm


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Tell us a little about your brand (location, type of business, message, what makes you unique, etc.).

Our small, diversified New England family farm is a little like a piece of stinky cheese, surprisingly delicious. We have been farming on Martha’s Vineyard for close to ten years and we love it here. We are a certified organic farm with a focus on cheesemaking. Our grass fed, beautiful heard of forty heritage breed cows get milked twice a day, every day, creating lovely milk. It is from this milk that we produce our four award-winning farmstead cheeses: Prufrock, Eidolon, Bluebird and RipRap. We also raise seventy hogs a year, have three hundred laying hens, a flock of thirty sheep, a few ducks wandering around and we grow delicious vegetables in our farm gardens. All our products are for sale in our farm stand including our Delusion MFG wool caps and our cheeses are distributed nationally.


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What are some of your influences when creating artwork and branding options? As well as how you create your artwork.

Working with Blue Rock Design Co. to update The Grey Barn’s branding, we felt that a Modern Dutch farming aesthetic with the solidness of Traditional American Farm advertising would create a new look to represent the farm moving forward. Researching old advertisements and early 20th century farm product packaging the team designed our latest branding and identity.


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What are you most proud of regarding your brand or business, what makes you guys unique?

It is important to us that our land, our animals and our products give back to humanity, not take away, and being certified organic in an intensive rotational grazing system allows us to do just that. We know that this land will be here for future generations and those future generations will be able to reap the benefits of land that has been taken care of properly.


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What was the main reason you decided to introduce fully custom headwear for your brand?

Working outside on a farm all day can be intense especially here on Martha’s Vineyard in the winter when the wind hurls itself across the pasture like a bull whip. A terrifically warm merino wool hat keeps everyone on the farm warm and visitors to our farm stand have enjoyed taking a bit of farm life back home with them to the city.


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What is one of the main reasons that you enjoy working with DELUSION MFG?

Delusion MFG has been a breeze. From the moment we first contacted Delusion they were prompt and helpful. This was the first time for us to create headwear and we amazed at how streamlined and simple the process was for us. Thanks Delusion MFG!


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In closing, where can customers interact with you online and follow your brand & business as you continue to grow!

Feel free to visit our website where you can learn some more about us at:

The Grey Barn and Farm.

We are also very active on our social media accounts as well, feel free to give us a follow!

Instagram: @thegreybarnchilmark


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We hope you enjoyed a brief background on The Grey Barn and Farm who continue to set industry standards in their specialty niche.

DELUSIONMFG will continue to help promote and market others, as building these strong relationships before, during and after producing a product is such an important aspect of our company.

If you are interested in being featured, feel free to comment or shoot us an email. We are working on having an automated form for all interested to make this process even easier!

Make sure to explore our blog for more Brand Spotlight posts and also a collection of post pertaining to anything from creating, growing and maintaining your custom merchandise.

Delusion MFG was built on the foundation of small business and working with brands who are looking for unique ways to show, grow & merchandise their brands! Here is our bi-weekly Brand Spotlight that gives industry insight into why brands choose custom headwear as a branding avenue & when they choose to work with Delusion MFG for all their custom headwear needs!