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Delusion MFG – Company Update 11/11/2019


Robert here from DELUSION MFG. We are proud to announce a Q4 Company Update here at DELUSION MFG. We have had an exciting year and have had a lot of growth! We are proud to announce some new programs, company changes and more. We will break them down below for everyone. 

Sister Company – Brand Sick

In an effort to consolidate our efforts here at DELUSION MFG & become a premier blank headwear supplier in the market, we have launched our sister company to handle all of our patchwork sales & other custom products. We will still be providing the same top quality that you would expect from’s patchwork, just under our new sister company. We will be running 2 week production times on most products, with a streamlined supply chain to make the transaction as seamless as possible.

Dedicated Wholesale Portal

One big request we have received frequently since our conception was a dedicated wholesale portal. We are proud to finally announce it – We have opened the platform to select clients and the feedback has been fantastic. Features include deeper stock levels, strategic pack sizes for even greater discounts, and the ability to backorder incoming stock to get first dibs on it. Interested in becoming a customer? Sign up here:

New Pricing + FREE Shipping

With the addition of our wholesale platform, we are transitioning our store that is open to the public into a better consumer experience. will still offer Single Units and 12 Packs, but pricing will increase effective today 11/11/2019. When one door closes, another one opens! With the increase in prices, we will be able to offer better customer experience, better incentives, and better research and design to keep developing the best headwear experience as possible for your brand or your personal style. We are proud to roll our FREE SHIPPING, sitewide with NO MINIMUMS.

Robert Idell
Delusion MFG