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12 Types of Beanies you have to check out

12 Types of Beanies You Have to Check Out

Everyone has some space in their closet for one or two beanies. Others have a load of them. What is your story with beanies?

Beanies are not only everyone’s go-to headwear during the cold season, but also a fashion trend in summer. While in the past beanies were a preserve for laborers who are exposed to grime and other workplace hazards, they have now become the ‘it’ thing for everyone. The elderly, the youth, the rich, the poor; all have a piece of the beanie pie.

Do you ever wonder why there is a somewhat craziness around beanies? We think we have the answer. Beanies come in a range of styles. There is something for everyone. Even those strict fashion critics will find a piece that will work for their refined wardrobe. Make sure to read our beanies styling guide to avoid any criticism and stay trendy!

If you have tried to buy a beanie, you were probably overwhelmed by their countless types. We are guessing that you could hardly place a name for each of them. That is why this post is all about beanie types. We will explore the various types of beanies and what is good and for whom. It is going to be an exciting read, so get a comfortable seat and a glass of your favorite beverage. However, if you’d like to jump straight to the point and skip reading you can check this amazing beanie collection and find your perfect beanie!

Are you now ready for the take-off? Let’s check out the different types of beanies.

1. Hipster beanie hat

Look around and you are likely to spot someone wearing a hipster beanie hat. They are popular in the streets due to their comfort and styling diversity. This beanie borrows a lot from the two worlds of the traditionally-cuffed beanie and the slouchy beanie. Well, you are right if you call it a hybrid of the two. But it is much trendier and a stylish headgear.

Hipster Beanie hats come with more material allowance to cover the ears. In the past, they were a darling for laborers and sailors but today they have found popular use among the general public. You can wear them with any outfit and still keep necks turning wherever you go. One of the things that place these beanies above any other is the fact that you can wear them in the summer, winter, and spring.

2. High top beanie

Do you love to make bold fashion statements with every piece you wear? High top beanie is a sure candidate for you. It will for sure keep your head warm, but that does not take away its cool fashion edge. The better side of this type of beanie is because you can wear it a thousand styles and look like a Hollywood winter movie star.

To keep true to its name, you have to wear the hat as high as possible on your head. But be careful not to leave it to topple. The knitted section should be at the forefront of the head. Try hard that this part does not make your head take a weird shape.

3. Woven beanies

Woven beanies are also referred to as skullcaps. They also carry the mantle of being the oldest of the beanie clan. Archeologists discovered human skeletons with the hats still intact on their skulls. This is actually where the name skullcap came from.

These beanies are made from leather, felt or twill and can be worn to work or sports events. They do not choose between genders; women and men can rock in them and look their best when they go out.

4. Cuffless beanies

Cuffless beanies are one of the most popular types. You can spot them in almost every fashion store in a range of colors. They are Cuffless because they do not have extended material at the lower brim. When you wear them, they do not go beyond the forehead. They are your best headwear when the weather is moderately hot or cold. A good number of Cuffless beanies come with printed logos, but you can for sure find a plain one.

5. Brimmed beanies

This crop of beanies is unique as they come with a visor just like in baseball caps. The visor keeps your forehead and eyes protected from sunlight and falling snow stones. One typical feature of brimmed beanies is that they come in a variety of styles. You can go with the light model during summer or grab the heavy type for winter. The choice is all yours on how you wish to wear yours because these are versatile pieces.

6. Ski masks

Bad guys, both in real life and movies, are big fans of ski masks. It covers their head and neck pretty well and you cannot easily identify them. However, that was not the original idea of these masks. They are supposed to help you beat the cold from the neck to the head. You can get ski masks in a variety of colors for both men and women.

7. American mohair beanie

It has its origin in Brooklyn and has become a global fashion hit. The material used is soft and smooth to keep you comfortable at all times. You can decide to wear this Brooklyn beanie hat with whatever outfit you wish and still make a tasteful statement about your personality. It is only during the cold months that this hat can be a big help, you can wear it every season of the year.

8. Cuffed beanie

You are right; this is a total opposite of the Cuffless beanie. It has a cuffed bottom that covers both your ears and forehead completely. You could never have a better headgear during winter. Typically, cuffed beanies are made of wool and cotton. You make the choice of your preferred material and give the cold weather a good fight.

The only way to wear this beanie is by keeping the cuff above the ears and over your forehead. You are leaving no room for any cold. Besides, you can wear your beanie anyhow you wish. It goes with any outfit you throw its way and that is versatility you cannot argue with. Still not convinced? Take a look at our favorite model and judge yourself.

9. The slouch beanie

It stands out as the only beanie without a cuffing at the brim. It is styled backward and sits comfortably over your ears. That is how it creates a slouch hence its name. This beanie has been a thing in the 20th century and is still a big fashion piece today. However, you have to be careful about how you style it. A small mistake will leave you looking like a mad person. Stars like Taylor Swift and David Beckham were big fans of this beanie and you could follow in their footsteps if you style yours like a star.

10. Earflap beanies

Children and teens can have their fair share of the winter hats with earflap beanies. The flaps cover the ears and sometimes have a strap running under the chin. They are mainly meant for the cold season, but that does not mean they are dull. You can get your earflap beanie in your favorite color and stay warm.

11. Animal beanies

Young people who love to be bold with their fashion statement will find animal beanies attractive. They resemble heads of various animals and you can choose your favorite. For those crazy parties, you can use these beanies to set the mood for mad fun. However, it is not everywhere you can wear your animal inspired beanie.

12. Fisherman/short beanie

Short beanies are new entrants and are now sending fashion waves everywhere. They are made from thick material probably to keep your head warm when you go fishing. The crown is shallow and only covers the top part of your head. It may not be easy to wear a fisherman beanie, but you can get it right and pull a stunning look.


Wrap up: Types of Beanies

Are beanies your thing? They are for a lot of people. With this rich list of different types of beanies, you can now pick yours and accessorize like a star. It is not a bad idea to have a mixture of types. All you have to is know when, where, and how to wear your beanie. We hope now you can make the right choice and keep your fashion on top.

Keep tuned to this site as we have so much more about fashion to share with you!

How Many Embellishments are there for Caps

Embellishments For Caps: How Many Are There?

Hats are a fun, unique, and a great way to add a twist to your outfit. It’s also a great accessory to your brand’s identity whether you’re a clothing company, the neighborhood’s favorite coffee shop or part of a sports team.

Even if it is sweltering hot in your home or place of work, you can use a hat to protect your eyes and skin from the sun! This is not to mention the great convenience this offers you on a bad hair day. Certainly, wigs are a hundred times more cumbersome in comparison if you ask us.

Most caps or hats will do just fine while plain or blank, but why not customize your own hat and add a few hat embellishments to make your collection stand out?

The right embellishment on your 5-panel strap back hats, for instance, will transform your outfit from plain to downright stylish and super trendy. For these reasons, here are a few great hat embellishment ideas that you can try to help your brand or personal style stand out even more.

Twill Appliqué or Tackle Twill

Tackle twill was first introduced by R.J. Liebe to be material for American Football players’ pants. Since then, it has evolved into a superb option for adding an attractive, long-lasting decoration on your hats.

Tackle twill offers you a wide range of customization options to make a stronger statement with your cap for your brand or self. It is a less-conventional way for adding patterns to clothing compared to embroidery and screen-printing, which will make your outfit stand out as pretty unique.

Tackle Twill, also known as Appliqué is done by taking a piece of fabric, cutting it out to your desired pattern, then sewing it onto the hat with a twill made of nylon or any other suitable material.


5 panel hat with sublimation printing
Custom Sublimated 5 Panel Hat

Sublimated patterns are currently some of the most innovative processes adopted by the manufacturing apparel and accessories industry. With these, designers freely enjoy virtually endless possibilities. Some of the most detailed designs are able to appear accurately from sublimation printing.

Indeed, there is huge room left for creativity and durability since the experts employ highly inventive ways to transfer the digital artwork over to fabric panels. Rest assured if you’d like sublimation printed hats from Delusion MFG we will definitely craft the most accurate print possible.

The result is the production of those high-quality fabrics, distinctive designs, and beautiful, vibrant colors that you might be familiar with.  For good measure, customers are always free to pick from a vast selection of designs that are accessible at Delusion MFG.

Woven Labels and Patches

There are hundreds of ideas for cap patches that you can get inspiration from Pinterest so you will not have to wear that plain blank cap anymore!

With a robust needle, pair of scissors and thread, you can use a wide selection of woven patches and labels from Delusion MFG to make your cap pop just reach out to us for custom.

If you’re applying the patch yourself, ensure your needle is strong enough to penetrate your blank cap’s material, try not to get pricked while you’re at it too. Sometimes you don’t need a fully custom hat, it is just as simple as sewing the patch or label to your hat!

Embroidered Patches for Custom Hats

If you are looking for a more specific approach for embellishing your hat, consider looking for custom embroidered and iron-on patches.

This option lets you design a high-quality look for your embellishment at a cost-effective rate, regardless of the fine details or colors involved. You get to sketch or use an image of the desired design and use any method to attach them to your cap.

Screen Printing

This is the most common method for decorating custom sweatshirts and T-shirts, but you can also use it to embellish a dijon colored corduroy unconstructed 6-panel hat.

This process involves placing your custom design on a mesh screen, washing it, then set it up on a press, from which ink is passed via the screen onto the cap.

Screen printing is a preferred option when handling a massive amount of custom hats for a club, company or team, and the results are often great, long-lasting, and visible. Ask us any questions about screen printing your custom hats here.

Leather Patches

Leather patches are the best option if you want to make a blank cap stand out. They are commonly used to brand high-end clothing items like jeans, handbags, and leather jackets, but will work just fine on your hat as well.

You can sew anything between a dense leather design to a sleek suede to add a rugged, personal vibe to your cap.

5 panel hat with premium leather patch
Custom 5 Panel Hat w/ Custom Leather Patch


Embroidery takes two primary forms; flat and 3-D. Flat embroidery is where the decorating stitching is done directly on the cap, to bring a flat design. This option is more common owing to its relative ease of application and the ability to create the most detailed designs without ruining the images.

3-D embroidery, on the other hand, uses foam to create the 3-D impression. Foam is inserted under the stitch to raise it off the cap’s surface, thus giving your embellishment that unique look. 3-D embroidery is a better option for embossing alphabets, letters, numbers, or symbols- anything that is not too complicated.


Without a doubt, the above mentioned seven methods to embellish your hats will help you transform your caps, hats, and beanies into highly unique and branded headwear for you, your brand or team.

If you’re thinking of creating your own custom hat with us, be sure to reach out to us here. Take a look at some of our previous custom made hat for our awesome customers if you need a bit of inspiration.