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how to reshape a hat with ease

6 Ways to Reshape a Hat with Ease

Has your favorite hat been squashed out of shape? Did you accidentally sit on your hat or found it flattened at the bottom of your suitcase? Do you think that hat of yours looks like it’s done for and lost forever? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re probably trying to figure out how to reshape your hat. 

It’s always disheartening to realize you can’t wear your favorite hat because it’s out of shape. Whether your hat has gotten out of whack through regular wear, an accident, or poor storage, don’t give up hope yet! 

We’ve put together the following information to help you reshape your hat, whether it’s a bucket hat, dad cap, panel hat, trucker hat, or snapback. By following these basic guidelines, you’ll be able to reshape that hat so you can wear it again. 

Why Reshape A Hat?

The chances are good that your misshapen hat was special to you. Maybe it has a patch on it that depicts something that has meaning to you like a catchy phrase, your company name, or your all-time favorite sports team. It’s also likely that you made some amazing memories while wearing that hat. It would be a shame to simply toss your hat in the trash when you could save it!

Even if you’ve lost all hope that your crushed, dented, or squashed hat can be reshaped, don’t give up yet! There are a few effective methods to try that can get you wearing that hat again! Start with the first method below. If that doesn’t work, move onto the next method and so on. The chances are great that you’ll be able to reshape your hat and get it back on your head where it belongs! Ready, let’s go! 

1. Hat Reshaping Using a Tea Kettle

To use this method for reshaping a hat, you’ll need a tea kettle. Your favorite tea kettle can do more than just make an amazing cup of tea. Since it produces a whole lot of steam, it can be used to iron out wrinkled items and to reshape hats. If you don’t have a tea kettle, don’t worry! You can still use this method by filling a regular cooking pot with water and heating it up until it produces lots of hot steam. 

Before you do anything with hot steam, remember that you can become seriously burned if you’re not careful. Be sure to keep your hands and face at least eight inches away from the spout. It’s a good idea to wear gloves when using this method. 

Fill your kettle with water and put it on the stove until it’s producing lots of hot steam. 

Place your misshapen hat in the path of the steam so it permeates the inside and outside. The steam will quickly make your hat warm and soft. This is when you can start reshaping your hat with your hands. Just knead the hat with your hands and fingers to shape the crown and brim into the correct positions.

When it feels like your hat is getting too much moisture, take a break. Allow your hat to sit and dry for a while before continuing the process. You simply cannot reshape an overly moist hat so have patience! 

Repeat the whole process a few times if necessary. Work methodically to ensure your hat is reshaped as you prefer it to be. This steam method works very well for all types of ‘baseball caps’ like snapbacks, 5-panel hats, 6-panel hats, dad caps, etc. 

2. Reshape a Hat in the Hot Shower 

This method can be done while you’re in the shower, or you can do it at any time. All you need to do to reshape a hat in your shower is this: Turn on your shower to the hottest setting and shut the door. Hang your hat away from the water’s steam. A good place to hang your hat in the back of the shower door or on a hook. 

Leave your hat in the running shower so the hot steam permeates the material. It shouldn’t take more than ten or fifteen minutes to accomplish this. Now turn the shower off, remove your hat, and get busy reshaping it.

If your hat was flattened or crushed, use your hands and fingers to put it back in shape, starting with the brim. Work your way around the hat. Once you’re satisfied your hat looks great again,  set it on a clean dry towel and allow it to air dry. 

Don’t put your damp heat in the clothes dryer, no matter what! If you were to toss your hat in the dryer, it will most likely shrink and get all scrunched up and out of shape. 

3. The Clothes Steamer Method for Reshaping a Hat 

Do you have one of those handy clothes steamers you take along when you travel? If so, you already know that that hand-held steamer works like magic to remove wrinkles from shirts, ties, and pants. You can also use your clothes steamer to reshape a hat. 

This method is straight-forward. Fill the clothes steamer with distilled water. Then plug it in and put it on the hottest setting. Take your hat in one hand and use your other hand to hold the steamer. Direct the stream of steam on your hat, starting with the brim. Slowly steam the entire hat for a minute or two. Then turn the steamer off and set it down. Using two hands, gently reshape your hat.

If you need more steam to get the job done, repeat the entire process. Depending on how badly misshapen your hat is, this method can take a while to be effective. Be patient and work on your hat until it’s back in shape and ready to wear. 

If this method didn’t work, don’t give up yet! We’ve got more ways for you to reshape your hat so keep reading! 

4. Spray Bottle Method for Reshaping a Hat 

This is a very simple way to reshape and stretch a hat that doesn’t fit right. This method isn’t the best to use for a badly scrunched or flattened hat. However, if you need to make a new hat fit more comfortably by stretching it out a bit, give this method a try!

Fill a spray bottle with water. Take your hat in one hand and lightly spray your hat with the spray bottle with the other hand. Pay particular attention to the headband inside your hat. Once your hat is moisturized, put down the spray bottle. Then take your hairdryer to partially dry the hat. Use a medium or high setting but don’t hold the dryer too close to the hat. Your goal should be to get your hat part-way dry so you can wear it. 

When you’re done with the hairdryer, put your hat on your head and wear it all day. As your hat dries, it will form correctly to the shape of your head. That’s it! This method works very well if done correctly so give it a try to make your hat fit like a glove!

5. Reshape a Hat by Stuffing it with Tissue Paper

This method works best for a slightly misshapen hat, particularly if the crown is the main problem. This method is perfect for hats made of leather, suede, or felt which are all materials that can be damaged by water. 

The first thing to do is push out any indented areas on the crown of the hat. If the brim is out of shape, use your fingers to reshape it. Now take a bunch of tissue paper and stuff it inside the entire hat. Make sure the tissue paper is firmly in place so there aren’t any visible gaps showing. 

When you’re satisfied you’ve stuffed the hat well, put it in a cool dry place and let it sit for an entire day. Check the hat after 24 hours to see if it’s back in shape by removing all the tissue paper. Put the hat on your head to make sure it fits correctly. If need be, you can repeat this process and leave the hat alone for a few days. 

6. Use a Ball to Reshape a Hat 

This method may sound odd, but it works! You can get a misshapen hat back in shape again using a ball that’s roughly the same size as your head. If you’ve got an average-sized head, a youth-size soccer ball should be just right.

The first thing to do is to wet the hat with water by spraying it with a spray bottle. Then put your hat on the ball. Be sure it’s pulled down tight over and around the ball. Now put the ball in front of a heat source like a radiator or space heater. Let it dry naturally. Just be sure to use caution and don’t leave the ball unattended! When the hat is completely dry, it should slip right off the ball and be restored like new. 


When you first set out to reshape a hat, it takes a little effort. However, it’s entirely possible to get a hat back in shape so it’s comfortable to wear and good looking once again. Once your hat is reshaped, take good care of it so it doesn’t happen again. When you properly tend to your hat, it will last a long time and fit comfortably. Hats off to you if you’ve reshaped your hat! 

There’s no such thing as having too many hats! At Delusion MFG, we manufacture a wide variety of hats ranging from 5-panel hats, beanie hats, trucker hats, dad hats, and much more. On top of our wide selection of blank hats, we also offer custom headwear service. Visit our online store today to see our amazing inventory! 

how to wash your hat

Your Guide to Washing Hats in a Washing Machine

When you’ve got a great looking hat you love to wear, you surely want to keep it in tip-top shape. Hats are fashion essentials that get dirty over time. When your favorite hat is showing some dirt and grime, it’s time to spruce it up by giving it a good cleaning. But before you toss your hat thoughtlessly into your washing machine, there are a few things to know.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to wash hats of all types in the washing machine. When you follow these tips, your favorite hats will come out clean and fresh. You’ll never have to worry they’ll shrink or come out faded.

To ensure your hats end up clean and looking as great as they did when they were new, follow these steps below. 

Before Washing: Get to Know Your Hat 

You already know that your favorite baseball cap is in a color you love and that it fits you like a T. But what more do you know about that hat of yours? Before you toss any hat into the washing machine, read the label. Find out what material the hat is made of and look for any washing instructions. 

If you find a label inside your hat that says ‘dry-clean only’, you should follow that advice. The chances are the hat is made of wool or a wool blend. Wool items don’t do well in the washing machine because the water will cause the material to shrink. 

Here’s some washing information you should know about different types of hats:

Cotton Hats: If you find out that your hat is made of cotton, it’s durable enough to withstand running through a washing cycle in your machine. Just remember that cotton can shrink so your hat may come out a little smaller. 

If you happen to have an older cotton baseball cap that needs washing, take a good look at it first. Does the cap have a cardboard brim? If so, you should not toss that hat into the washing machine because cardboard doesn’t play well with water. 

Today’s modern baseball caps have brims made of plastic or other resilient materials. This means these hats are safe to wash in a washing machine.

Canvas Hats: Like cotton, the canvas can be washed in a washing machine. Canvas is a resilient material that can take the abuse your washing machine dishes out. The great news about washing canvas hats is that they won’t shrink. This is because the canvas is thicker than cotton, making it shrink-proof. 

Wool Hats: Wool hats will lose their shape from all the motion inside a washing machine. If you have a wool beanie or cap, you’ll either have to wash it by hand or take it to the dry cleaners. If you decide to do the washing yourself, use a special wool cleaner like Woolite and follow the label directions carefully. 

Hats made of Cotton Blends and Synthetic Materials: Hats made of a cotton blend or synthetic materials like mesh are safe to put in a washing machine. These materials are durable and they hold colors well. 

Washing Machine Instructions

Once you’ve made sure it’s fine to wash your hat in a washing machine, it’s time to get started. Follow this guide to ensure your hat comes out fresh and clean. 

Pre-treat with a Stain Remover

It’s a good idea to pre-treat your hat before putting it into the washing machine. Pre-treatment will help loosen ground-in dirt and stains the washing machine may not get out. 

The general rule of thumb regarding pre-treatment is this: If your hat is made of cotton or a cotton blend, you can spray a stain remover directly on your hat before putting it in the washing machine.

When pre-treating your hat, look for dirt and grime that usually accumulates along the seams. Be sure to spray some stain remover on sweat stains on the headband and inside liner. Once you’ve used the stain remover, let your hat sit for about a half an hour so the solution can effectively soak into the material.

Use a Mesh Bag for Delicate Hats

If you have a delicate knit hat that needs cleaning like a beanie, it’s a good idea to put the hat in a mesh bag before tossing it in the washing machine. When a knit hat is inside a mesh bag, it will keep its shape better.  You can find mesh washing bags at discount department stores.

Be sure to close the mesh bag securely once you’ve put your hat inside. These bags either close with zippers or pull-strings. It’s perfectly fine to put more than one hat in a mesh bag, but don’t overstuff it. Hats need space to move when in the washing machine so they get thoroughly clean. 

Wash Hats in Full Loads and with Similarly-Colored Clothing 

It’s important not to wash hats in the washing machine until you have a full load. Why? Because hats washed in small loads can come out all matted up or stretched out of shape. When preparing to wash your hats, gather a large load of similarly-colored dirty clothing and put them in the machine with your hats.  This way, your hats won’t get all twisted or matted up. Instead, they will gently agitate in the washing machine, using the clothes you added as a buffer. 

Whatever you do, don’t wash white hats with colored clothing. This mistake will end up costing you! Your once-white hat will most likely come out of the machine another color which can be anything from blue, red, purple, or dingy brown.  Just sort your hats with the rest of your laundry and remember all those washing machine tips your mom gave you! 

Use the Right Detergent 

When washing hats in the washing machine, use a good quality mild detergent. If you’ll be washing hats made of more delicate materials, use an extra mild detergent like Woolite or something similar that’s formulated for delicate fabrics. If you’ll be washing colored hats, make sure the detergent you use doesn’t contain any bleach that can fade or remove the dye. 

Use Cool Water and a Gentle Cycle

Hot water is a big NO when it comes to washing hats. Hot water fades color and it shrinks material. That’s why you should wash your hats using cool water. Once you’ve set your machine to run at a low temperature, it’s time to choose a cycle. 

We recommend setting your washing machine on the gentle cycle because the normal cycle is simply too agitating. The gentle cycle won’t rough up your hat excessively when it’s being washed. Once the washing machine turns off, your hat should come out clean and in tip-top shape. 

Don’t Use Your Clothes Dryer! 

When you take your washed hat out of the washing machine, don’t toss it in the dryer with the rest of the load. Clothes dryers can wreak havoc on hats by shrinking them and twisting them out of shape. 

The best way to dry a wet hat is to hang dry it if it’s a baseball cap, panel hat, or dad cap. The same rule applies to snap-back hats, bucket hats, and trucker hats. The best method for drying acrylic beanies or rib-knit beanies is to dry them flat on a dry, clean towel. To avoid stretching out your beanies, don’t hang them up to dry! 


When your hat needs more than a wiping off or a spot cleaning, use the guide above learns how to wash hats in a washing machine. Be sure to follow the tips carefully to ensure your hat comes out clean and undamaged. And by all means, read those labels inside your hats. These labels will tell you what your hats are made of and include the manufacturers’ recommended washing instructions.  

To avoid shrinkage, don’t wash wool hats in the washing machine. These hats should be washed by hand using Woolite or another detergent made specifically for wool clothing and accessories.

A Few More Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Your Hats!

  • At Delusion Mfg, we want you to be happy with how you look, especially with your hats! On top of following the guide above, we recommend using preventative action to keep your hats looking great for as long as possible. 
  • You can protect your hat with fabric protector spray to keep it in great shape. A fabric protector will serve as an invisible shield to protect your hat from the most common problem with hats which is sweat stain. It will also repel rain and make the most accidental spills easy to clean off. For the best results, use a fabric protector after you’ve cleaned your hat. 
  • When you’re not wearing your hat, keep it stored in a safe place to avoid dirt and stains. If your hat starts collecting lint, use a lint remover for clothes. Don’t be tempted to pick lint off with your fingers so you don’t loosen or pull out any threads.
  • All the hats we sell are top-quality and designed to last a long time. However, you do need to take good care of your hats and give them a proper cleaning now and then!