3 Types of Patches for Custom Hats

3 Types of Custom Patches For Hats/Easiest Methods For Customization

If you want a custom hat then it will likely have a patch on it. This is mainly because manufacturers work with blanks and to put the necessary design on it they need to involve another item. In most cases, this means using patches, because they are the easiest method for customization.

But there are several types of custom patches for hats that can work best on your choice of style. Some work better, some work worse. Because of this, you need to know these small details, so your hat’s design will last longer.

1. Embroidery Patches

Let’s be honest, embroidery patches are amazing for anything. They have a certain texture that pops right off the original material (sometimes literally, this 3D effect can be astonishing). This causes people to immediately focus on it and thus, it makes an impression within seconds. But of course, for this to be more effective, the actual design needs to be good.

Which is pretty easy to achieve with these patches, though. Embroidery works really well if it has high contrast or intense colors. Because of this, you can go wild with the design. You don’t need to worry about color coordination, shading, and depth. If you have an already existing logo, then your job is even easier. Simply toss it into Photoshop or any design program that you usually use, and intensify the colors. Get rid of the shading and all the useless color changes. You want it to look at simple as possible.

But let’s talk about the technical parts. How durable are embroidery patches? Well, that depends on the manufacturer, but if they have some decent quality then you will be just fine. Embroidery patches withstand some rough handling and they won’t be harmed even if you take it through hell and back. But there are some people who wonder if the seams will come apart. A perfectly valid concern, completely understandable. If you were worrying about this, then we can tell that you haven’t used embroidery patches yet. They don’t fall apart unless you purposefully cut into them.

Because of its’ durability, embroidery patches are perfect for hats.

As for the price… One of the cheapest types of custom patches for hats out there. There’s no need for overly expensive equipment or materials. Some heavy fabric, thread, and an embroidery machine. That’s it.

2. Chenille Patches

There is a high chance that you don’t really know what this kind of patch is. It’s okay, but now is the time to learn this important fact.

Chenille patches are made of wool. They are fuzzy, warm and cute. Pretty feminine patches if we may say so, but if used correctly then they can be masculine as well. It’s just harder to do because of all the fuzz.

These patches work extremely well with warm colors. Red, orange, and pink are the ones that should be the highlight of it all because they represent the whole style of chenille patches. You can, of course, use different colors, but they don’t pop as much and it can kind of ruin the vibe.

Besides that, these patches can work extremely well with school gear. It’s the typical one that has a university’s logo on it, for example. So if you plan on wearing your hat to school then these patches will look great.

But they can also complement your style if you are more into the old school. After all, chenille patches are a bit “dated”, but they are coming back into style. Because of this, you can wear a baseball cap with a patch like this and it will go perfectly with basically anything. You will just have a little bit of an old school vibe to yourself.

The only bad part about them is the price. They are usually not worth as much as they are selling it for, as they are not durable at all. They break pretty easily and can cost quite much.

3. Printed Patches

They are exactly what you think they are. Pieces of fabric that you can use as a patch, but they just have something printed on them. We are not going to lie, these can seem a bit lazy and weird if not made correctly. Because the technique is not complicated many manufacturers stop focusing on quality.

Which is really a shame, because these patches would be amazing otherwise. They can have photo-realistic pictures on them. Very detailed pieces that you couldn’t make into a patch with any other method. These look great on hats, especially if you put it on the side or the back.

If you have a good looking photo that you want to turn into a patch then you can do so by printing it. All of the other methods require you to tone things down. To get rid of shading, color flows and depth. With this one, you can just use the original picture and have it on a patch straight away. Pretty simple.

Their durability is… Questionable. In a lot of cases, the ink starts fading after the first couple of washes, so if you want to keep the color intensity then we highly suggest not dirtying your hat. These patches don’t deteriorate in any other way though, so you have got that at the very least.

The price is the best part though. Printed patches are the literal cheapest ones. Manufacturers can make them in seconds and not many materials are needed, therefore they have a great price.



So, these were the best custom patches for hats to use. They all have their positives and negatives. Make sure you take everything into consideration before making the decision.

Which patch type did you like most? What do you like about it most? Tell us down in the comments below!

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