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4 Tips for Custom Hat Embroidery

When you want to get the word out about your business, club, or team, there’s no better way than using custom hat embroidery. Hats embroidered with your logo or message will spark a keen interest in your organization and help make you stand out from the crowd. 

If you’ve got a business, custom embroidered hats are a great way to advertise your products and/or services to boost your reputation and sales.  We’ve put together a few tips to help you pick the best-embroidered custom hats that will help ensure your hats get noticed and send the right message.  

1. Decide What Type of Hats You Need

The first order of business is to choose the type of blank hats you want to embroider. Here at Delusion MFG, we’ve got all the most popular choices in blank custom hats including: 

  • Blank 5 Panel Hats: Good-looking and versatile, 5-panel hats are great for sun protection and come in many materials from warm tweed to breezy seersucker. 
  • Blank Trucker Hats:  These hats are extremely popular and are worn by many movers and shakers as fashion accessories.
  • Blank Corduroy Unconstructed Hats: These great-looking hats are real head-turners, plus they’re perfect for cold-weather wear. 
  • Blank Dad Caps: Classic everyday hats both men and women love and they come in a variety of colors, fits, and fabrics. 
  • Blank Beanies: Everybody loves beanies! These hats work in various climates, and especially winter. They’re colorful, comfy, and stylish. 

Take a look at all your hat choices, consider your budget and needs, then pick your favorite hat style, color, and fit. Then move on to the next tip.

2. Choose Your Custom Hat Embroidery Design 

With custom hat embroidery, it’s important to keep your design simple. While embroidery looks amazing, it does come with some detail limitations. Your design shouldn’t include very intricate details or fine, thin lines. Avoid using small text and stick with larger, legible text and artwork instead.

If you don’t have a message or logo already, think of what designs people enjoy seeing and talking about.  Food is one idea that people love as are animals and pets. Clever sayings or plays on words are also great ideas. 

3. Narrow Down Your Choices

Think about the custom embroidered hats you’ve noticed recently for some inspiration. Make a shortlist of possible design selections. Then ask your friends, co-workers, or family members for their opinions. Eliminate the least popular choices until you’ve found the perfect design for your organization that grabs attention and sends the right message. 

4. Ask Us for Custom Embroidery Hat Help! 

The team at Delusion MFG lives and breathes custom hats. We love helping our customers make the right choices! If you’re unsure of what type of hats to choose or need some design ideas or inspiration, reach out to us today and we’ll help. With a wide selection of blank hats at low everyday prices, you can’t go wrong with Delusion MFG! 

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