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what hat size is large

What Hat Size is Large

What Sizes of Hats are There?

When it comes to talking about sizes, both for clothing and accessories, there are already established standards to distinguish the different sizes in which they can be presented. These standards are taken through the measurement of the garment, either in centimeters or inches.

When we talk about hats, the most usual thing is to identify the size using a specific nomenclature of letters. Each of these includes a range of measures that, despite being able to be measured in centimeters or inches depending on the geographical area, is universal for this type of garment and for clothing sizes in general.

Nomenclature and Sizes

The first size that we find when using this nomenclature is size S, also known as Small or P. When we talk about hats, the established measurement is around 6 ¾ inches.

Second, we have size M, also called Medium, with a corresponding size of around 7 inches.

When we go into large sizes, the first one we find is L, also called G or Large. Its approximate measurement is 7 ¼ inches.

After this, comes XL, also known as SG or Extra Large, corresponding to a measurement of around 7 ½ inches.

The largest size stated in the letter nomenclature is XXL, called 2XL, SSG, or 2X Large, measuring 7 ¾ inches.

Beyond the established sizes, there is a size called Size U or One Size. This, depending on the situation, can be understood as the measurement of 7 ⅛ inches or 7 ¼ inches in hats of feminine design or masculine design, respectively.

However, suppose the centimeter system is used. In that case, this size is used when the calculated measurement of our body is not within the range included by the already established sizes. Whether it’s larger, smaller, or a specific number.

What Hat Size is Considered “Very Large”?

The average measurement around the head of a grown man is 22″ ½, and that of a woman is approximately 21″ ¾. There are some manufacturers that make their hats for people with measurements up to 23″. Thanks to this, measurements that are greater than 23″ 3/8 are considered “very large” sizes. It can be difficult to find brands that make models in these sizes.

Large Size Hat Models

Most hats are made in large sizes. However, not all of them favor the face, height, and texture of the people in the correct way. Therefore, we must know which hat to choose according to our body so as not to end up using one of the hats that looks too small and makes us look ridiculous.

How to Choose the Best Plus Size Hat?

To choose a large size hat, the first thing we have to know, in addition to the measurement of the size we want, is what the measurement of our face is. This is vital to be able to choose the hat that best suits us. If it’s with a medium or large brim, to use it inclined or parallel, etc.

How to Measure My Face?

Measuring our face is very important if we are undecided about what style of hat to use. Especially if we occupy a size larger than the established measurement. To do this, we must take three measurements.

First, the main one, around our forehead. This must be done at the highest point of the arch of our eyebrow.

Next, we measure our cheekbones. This is achieved by measuring the distance between the top of each cheek, measuring approximately at a height immediately below the eye.

Finally, we measure the height of our face, from the beginning of the hairline to the tip of the chin. Once we know our face measurements, finding the right style for us can be a simple task.

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Large Size Hats According to My Height

One of the first considerations that we must take before choosing our hat is to know which ones favor us the most based on our physical features, regardless of what size we need. Therefore, if we speak in terms of our height, for people who measure less than 5ft, the best would be a top hat that is not very large and with a short brim.

In turn, those who are around 5 ft. can use top and medium-brimmed hats. Finally, for those who exceed the approximate 5ft, it’s best to use large hats, both top and brimmed, to avoid looking cartoony. Although the most common thing if we need a large size hat is to have a tall stature, we must always take these considerations into account when choosing our next hat.

Plus Size Hats According to My Body Build

Another important factor in choosing the correct hat is knowing which models best suit our frame and can help to favor our face’s shapes and lines.

This is not complicated at all. The only thing we need to know to style ourselves correctly based on this physical characteristic of ours is what type of crown and wings are used in each case. For example, since we are talking about large size hats, it most likely is that we have a medium to large sloping texture. For this type of texture, it is best to use a tall glass with medium wings or even slightly short if possible.

This will help refine our face and give it the prominence it deserves. In the case of having a thick frame, it’s best to avoid low-top hats and/or very long brims since they can make our face look broader than it really is.

Recommendations for Large Size Hat Models


These are very versatile hats that can be used in a wide variety of settings, from casual to formal. They are ideal for use in large sizes thanks to their medium-high cup and medium brim. They give a flattering shape to the face and fit in almost any style.

fedora hat
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Baseball Cap

These caps have a classic design that has transcended exclusively sporting use. Today they adapt to any informal situation with incomparable ease. Their design is simple, and they look good in almost any size, color, and pattern. Despite not having a round brim, its visor perfectly fulfills the function of protection. And also isn’t offensive to the shape of the user’s face.

baseball cap
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These cool and stylish hats are designed to be worn in large sizes. Their crown is generally medium. But some manufacturers make it a little larger for those users in need of larger sizes. In addition, its medium brim is perfect for shaping the wearer’s face while protecting it from the sun.

panama hat
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what is a bucket hat

What is a Bucket Hat?

The Bucket Hat

The bucket hat is a very flexible and compact type of hat. It is generally made of different materials, from cotton to wool. Its design has a hanging wing that falls in front of the face; this is designed to protect the wearer from the Sun during fishing. Today it’s an accessory whose fame is on the scale. It attracted the attention of countless famous brands that have incorporated it into their lines.

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History of the Bucket Hat

The origin of this hat goes back to the time when they were still called “fisherman’s” hats around the 1900s. At this time, “fisherman’s” hats were made with felt, wool, or tweed. They were manufactured mainly to protect farmers or fishermen from the rain. This is thanks to the fact that the wool did not wash into a natural raincoat.

In addition, thanks to its design and materials, making it incredibly compact, it was possible to store it in a trouser or jacket pocket without much problem.

This type of hat was used during the 1940s by army soldiers to protect themselves from the different climatic adversities they might face in combat.

During the ’60s, these hats began to have greater fame as an accessory for informal and urban use. People began to see it as a fashion object, leaving aside the purely practical and functional part of the garment. And, to turn, concentrating on the aesthetic part.

Its peak period was during the ’80s and early ’90s. This was thanks to the fact that many famous rap groups began to use this garment as a representative accessory. Because of this, the bucket hat gained surprising fame and became the indispensable accessory of the time’s urban and hip-hop culture.

Currently, it’s a hat that, despite being left behind for around 2 decades, thanks to the fashion movement that relies on nostalgia for the ’90s, is beginning to gain fame again in different urban and bohemian scenes. Even well-known brands such as Zara and Pull & Bear are adding them to their production lines. They offer a modern version of this hat to the current public.

two guys wearing bucket hats
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How Are Bucket Hats Made?

The manufacturing process of the “bucket” hats is relatively easy. The first thing needed is to have the three main pieces: the body, the cup, and the brim.

You must have the correct measurements since this type of hat shouldn’t be too tight or too wide. This is because it can look bad and lose the style you want to achieve. Once you have the pieces with the correct measurements, they are carefully intertwined and sewn together so that the seams line up and give the hat the proper shape.

The method most used by some manufacturing companies is that they create two different hats and sew them together so that it’s reversible. This is the most common way to find bucket hats on the market. After having the manufacturing ready, some brands choose to make embroidery or decorations to the hat so that they are more distinguishable and at the same time have a different and fun aesthetic touch.

What Materials Are Bucket Hats Made Of?

In its beginnings, this hat was made with wool becuase it is in its natural state, that is, unwashed. It provided a perfect waterproof cover to protect Fishermen during the rainy season.

However, since this accessory has become a fashion item with the passage of time, the materials have varied a lot. Now you can find bucket hats made of linen, cotton, and even plastic. The importance of the manufacturing material lies in the waterproof cap’s capacity. And also, in turn, how fresh and breathable it’s to be able to face hot climates without bothering the user.

How to Wear a Bucket Hat?

The variations of styles and the bucket hats presentation fall on the target audience for which this hat is directed. The gender of its wearer mainly gives these separations.

Are the Bucket Hats for Men or Women?

Originally this hat was only used by men during fishing and agriculture. However, when it gained more popularity in urban rap and hip-hop scenes, it quickly became a unisex accessory. It was worn by great figures of the time, both male and female. And, to this day, it remains a complement that both men and women can enjoy.

Bucket Hat for Men

In these cases, manufacturers aim for more relaxed and informal styles. It can be used with jeans accompanied by a shirt, and the hat will look good. However, if it is aimed for a more mixed look, it is possible to combine it with more formal jackets. This is very seen in brands such as Prada or Louis Vuitton.

Another factor that you can highlight with this hat is long hair since when the hair sticks out over the edge of the hat, it gives it a more relaxed look. Although there is a surprising number of colors and patterns in which this hat can be presented, it’s best to use sober colors, such as white or black, without very striking patterns since they can be easier to combine with when wearing any outfit.

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Bucket Hat for Women

In the cases of women’s bucket hats, these come in smaller sizes to avoid covering accessories such as earrings or obscuring makeup.

On the other hand, these hats serve to highlight feminine characteristics in a very harmonious way. For example, if you have short hair, this hat can give a vintage touch to the general look and make the shape and the cut stand out more. Or, in case of a bad hair day, it can be incorporated into the outfit to not only cover up the messy hair but also to add a more stylized touch to the outfit.

Consider that the hats must be combined by taking into account the manufacturing material. Since each material is better combined with another specific one, if we are not careful with this, we can make the hat we choose look forced, and the overall outfit can look ornate.

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Are the Bucket Hats Only for Working?

Although in the beginning, this hat was only intended to be a protection from the Sun for fishermen and farmers, today, this characteristic of the bucket hat has been put aside and is used mostly in a purely aesthetic way.

However, its manufacture in waterproof, fresh, and light materials makes it retain its functionality and versatility. Thanks to its current popularity, this hat is not only used for protection during work but also as an accessory in urban environments.