Difference between High Crown Hats & Low Crown Hats

Difference between High and Low Crown Hats

Every hat lover has a preference for a hat design when it comes to specific occasions as well as their style. Additionally, each profile is suitable for a particular function and purpose. Whatever your preference, you should know the difference between a high crown and a low crown hat. A lot of people often make head-wear mistakes because they cannot differentiate high and low crown hats.

If you have been struggling to differentiate between the high crown and low crown hats, we have that sorted out. This post is passionate about hats just like you and would never want you to make any mistake. Take a seat and be ready to add to your knowledge of hats.

Let’s start, shall we?

High Crown… Low Crown? What do They Mean?

The height of the crown of a hat determines whether it is a high or low crown hat. The crowns are also referred to as a profile. A high crown hat would, therefore, be referred to as a high profile hat. The crowns of high crown hats are more massive and have more headroom. The height of the crown is increased and protrudes more from the brim of the hat. The design of the hat slants from the brim of the cap to create a more dramatic effect. The crowns of high profile hats are often 3-4 inches above the rim. 

The crowns of low profile hats are a lot lower. They fit closer to the head. They do not rise high above the brim. These hats also tend to take the shape of the head more, creating a less dramatic effect. Their small size draws minimal attention to the wearer. 


Occasions to Wear High Crown Hats VS Low Crown Hats

The large crown size of the high profile hats makes a bolder fashion statement because they are easily noticeable. They make you stand out with ease. They are, therefore, suitable for more fashionable occasions such as dinner parties, anniversary dinners, and weddings. They also pair well with suits. Examples of high profile hats that you can rock to stylish events include bowlers, fedoras, and homburgs. 

Besides the high profile events, high crown hats are suitable for professional wear. They look more professional than low profile hats. You will realize security and police caps are high profile.

 Moreover, high profile hats are suitable for protection from sunlight. They are often wider and will protect your forehead and eyes from scorching sun rays. If you are looking to upgrade your summer wardrobe, you may want to sample high crown hats. 

Low profile hats are suitable for laid-back and relaxed occasions. They do not draw a lot of attention to you, and they pair well with casual clothing. You can wear them to the streets, on a date, or during a friend’s day out. They are also suitable for sporting. Examples of low profile hats include ivy, berets, newsboy, unstructured baseball caps, and Gatsby caps.

The Material of High and Low Crown Hats

Most high crown hats are made of felted wool or straw. A few of them are, however, made of cotton or leather. These materials are stiff to keep the crown standing high. Soft materials would not define the crown well. In some instances, a buckram is used in the hat to reinforce the crown. Buckram is popularly used in constructed baseball hats. 

Low profile hats are made of cotton, wool, or leather. The material of the hat is usually soft. They need to take the shape of the head. 

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The difference between a low profile and a high profile hat is so distinct, and they will bring out a different impression. The differences above will help you make selections well and maintain an appropriate style for whatever event you are attending. These differences should also be instrumental in helping you do your shopping. No profile is stylish than the other. The two categories have their occasions to outshine the other. Understand the effect each hat creates, and choose your hat for occasions wisely. Wearing a high profile hat at a laid-back event, such as school, may be too dramatic. Wearing your low-profile hat to high statement events such as end-year dinner parties may look ridiculous. Always keep the differences in mind while selecting and wearing hats. 

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