Most Popular Fabrics Used in Making Hats

The Most Popular Fabrics For Making Hats

If you are a passionate hat collector, you know there are numerous fabrics for hats. A lot of people overlook the materials that their hats are made of, however. You ought to know the fabric your hat is made of because you want to give it the best care. After all, you cannot wash and maintain your nylon hat the same as your polyester hat.

If you have a collection of hats and have no idea what fabric they are made of, this article is what you need. It brings you the most popular fabric used in making hats.

Most Popular Fabrics Used in Making Hats

Popular Hat Fabrics

1. Polyester

Polyester is a synthetic fiber. It is one of the most popular materials used in making hats. Actually, it is the staple fabric in modern hat making. It is made from recycled plastic. Polyester is a darling to hat makers and most hat lovers because it is durable and resistant to water and abrasions. We cannot think of any other fiber that is durable and cheaper than polyester.

The moisture-wicking property of polyester is also excellent. It excellently absorbs sweat from the skin, leaving it dry and comfortable. You would, therefore, enjoy wearing polyester hats all day long during summer.

Polyester is popular in exercise hats, dad hats (baseball caps), and summer hats, thanks to its moisture-wicking properties. 

2. Nylon

Nylon results in thin and lightweight caps suitable for hot summer days. The highly breathable material is made from recycled plastic. It makes the scorching summer days a lot cooler.

One thing you will love about nylon is that it does not shrink. We are often in constant worries of our hats losing their original shape, but nylon hats will eliminate the concern. Nylon hats are also easy to take care of. 

The only problem is nylon is not great at wicking away moisture, but it tries its best.

3. Cotton

Cotton is one of the natural fibers used in making hats. However, a lot of hats are not 100% cotton. Pure cotton is a bit expensive compared to synthetic fibers. For this reason, they are popular in putting embroideries and logos on caps.

The soft and breathable material makes cotton a darling to hat lovers. Besides, cotton is hypoallergenic. With cotton hats, you will never experience skin irritation.

Cotton is also excellent when it comes to controlling moisture and insulation. Their ability to absorb moisture makes it suitable for making the headbands of caps. Unfortunately, cotton is not as durable as synthetic fibers, such as polyester. This is why it is often blended with manufactured fibers to boost its durability.

Most Popular Fabrics Used in Making Hats

4. Wool

A lot of people associate wool with knitted hats such as beanies. They are, however, used for a wide range of other caps. A lot of classic hats are either part wool or are 100% woolen. They are also a standard component of a considerable number of baseball hats. You will also find wool a popular fabric in making berets. 

Wool, however, remains the most suitable fabric for winter hats. They have a higher capability of keeping you warm whenever you step out in those cold winter days. 

Did you know that cashmere is wool obtained from goats? Yes, and it is popular in making fedoras. 

On the downside, a surprising fact is that wool is known to make hair brittle. It absorbs moisture from the hair, leaving the hair dry, lifeless, and fragile. If you love healthy hair, you may want to line your hair with a satin cap before putting on a woolen hat. 

5. Buckram

Have you ever wondered which material is used to make the sturdy brims of hats? Well, buckram is the answer. The stiff material is used to strengthen the visors of baseball hats. They are sometimes used in strengthening the brims of classic hats. Buckram is often concealed with the outer layer of the hat. Initially, buckram was made of lined and sometimes horsehair. Today, cotton is used to make buckram.

Other than buckram, wood is also used to strengthen hat brims. Its use is, however, declining. 

6. Linen

Linen is a natural fiber that is extracted from the flax plant. If you are looking for another natural fiber other than cotton, linen should be suitable for you.

Just like cotton, Linen is very breathable and soft. They are incredibly comfortable and tender on your skin. You are sure to remain relaxed and comfortable during those fiercely hot summer days. Linen hats are also fantastic for spring. 

7. Straw

Straw hats are fashionable in protecting your head from the fierce sun rays during summer. They have also taken the world of fashion by storm. Straw is made of material from different plants and sometimes synthetic fibers.

Some of the plants used in making straw hats include bamboo, wheatgrass, papyrus reeds, and sisal. 

Most Popular Fabrics Used in Making Hats

8. Plastic

Plastic has become a popular component of hats in the past few years. The plastic and retro visors for women have taken over the world of headwear. They are suitable for protecting you from the scorching sun.

A lot of women love retro visors because they come in very many colorful and catchy shades. You are sure to protect your skin during summer while still manage to stand out with the bold colors. Besides, plastic hats are easier to clean than all the other fabrics.



The world of headwear is liberal. Hats are made of a wide range of materials, depending on their purpose. Hat makers will often experiment and introduce new elements like wood. The materials discussed above are some of the popular fibers used in hat making.

Knowing the material used to make hats is vital for any hat lovers. This way, you will know the pros and cons of all the conventional materials. You will, therefore, have an easier time shopping for hats. Looking at the design and the color of the cap is not enough. You ought to know the materials used in the hat manufacture. You cannot take care of a hat effectively if you do not know its components. Always consider the material used to make hats while shopping for them. 

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