Stay Trendy: Tip on Wearing Snapback Hats

Stay Trendy: Tip on Wearing Snapback Hats

When snapbacks made their first entry into the fashion scene, they were a bomb. Every middle-aged man would give anything to rock one of these godly hats. They were defining your fashion sense and if you didn’t have one, you were considered a fashion invalid. Well, that was back in the 50s and times have changed. And while snapbacks have had more falls from fashion glory than anything else we can remember, they still reign high among the hats family.

Snapbacks are accessories that will not be running out of style any time soon. They are a stylish accessory than any fashion lover should add to their wardrobe. Having snapbacks grace your closet is not enough. You need to know how to style and accessorize your snapback hats. If you are looking to modify your snapback statement, this article is what you have been looking for. It will share pro snapback hat-tips that will revolutionize your headwear. You can thank us later for this piece, but first, read on to the last full stop to have your snapback fashion statements elegant and memorable. 

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How to wear your snapback facing forward

This style is the usual and most popular way of wearing snapbacks. This is your to-go style if you would love to look classic, sharp, and casual. To pull off the sharp look, let the hat’s brim point slightly upwards to reveal your face. For a smart casual outfit, pair this style with a pair of button-ups and chino pants. This style works perfectly well with a sporty look. It allows you to show off the logo of your team or sports brand while still looking stylish. You can pair it well with your sporty outfit.

For a girly and sporty look, you may choose to wear your hair in a ponytail, or you can have the hair down. It is your choice to make.

Snapbacks for pop and urban culture

Snapbacks and hip-hop outfits have a history together. They have been paired well since the 1990s. When you wear the two, you get an edgy statement that will surely have heads turning. To pull off this style excellently, you may want to go for neutrally colored hats with bright embroideries. Such snapbacks are sure to give you a bold and sleek statement. This style comes out elegantly when the snapback is paired with graphic t-shirts, sneakers, or ripped jeans. For a more defined pop culture look, be sure to throw in some bling. 

For that ‘killer’ urban look, you can pair your snapback with simple plain t-shirts, sneakers, and well-fitted pair of jeans trousers. To complete the look, throw in a black bomber jacket or a black leather jacket. 

Wearing your snapback facing backward

You have to be extra careful if you choose to wear your snapback facing backward. This style tends to look outdated and awkward if not pulled off correctly. A lot of people consider it juvenile. However, you can sure look stylish and confident if you pull it off successfully. While wearing your hat this way, be sure to pair it with contemporary and modern outfits. Ensure your gear looks as casual as possible. This style portrays a relaxed and sometimes a carefree vibe. You do not want to mess it up with smart casual outfits.

 Make no mistake; this style is suitable for streetwear. Just place the hat high on your head, and let the brim face downwards. It can be a little awkward to have the brim stay straight. 

How not to wear your snapback hats

Never wear your snapbacks sideways. Yes, they were a trend back then, but they are no longer a thing. Having the brim positioned sideways looks awkward and primitive. If you mind your fashion statements, this is a style you would never want to try. 



Snapbacks are an accessory sure to take your casual outfits to the next level. You, however, have to wear them right. We recommend the tips above for any snapback hat lovers. With these guidelines, you will surely be a trendsetter when it comes to casual wear and urban outfits. Go out and rock the street like you are a celebrity.

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