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12 Types of Beanies you have to check out

12 Types of Beanies You Have to Check Out

Everyone has some space in their closet for one or two beanies. Others have a load of them. What is your story with beanies?

Beanies are not only everyone’s go-to headwear during the cold season, but also a fashion trend in summer. While in the past beanies were a preserve for laborers who are exposed to grime and other workplace hazards, they have now become the ‘it’ thing for everyone. The elderly, the youth, the rich, the poor; all have a piece of the beanie pie.

Do you ever wonder why there is a somewhat craziness around beanies? We think we have the answer. Beanies come in a range of styles. There is something for everyone. Even those strict fashion critics will find a piece that will work for their refined wardrobe. Make sure to read our beanies styling guide to avoid any criticism and stay trendy!

If you have tried to buy a beanie, you were probably overwhelmed by their countless types. We are guessing that you could hardly place a name for each of them. That is why this post is all about beanie types. We will explore the various types of beanies and what is good and for whom. It is going to be an exciting read, so get a comfortable seat and a glass of your favorite beverage. However, if you’d like to jump straight to the point and skip reading you can check this amazing beanie collection and find your perfect beanie!

Are you now ready for the take-off? Let’s check out the different types of beanies.

1. Hipster beanie hat

Look around and you are likely to spot someone wearing a hipster beanie hat. They are popular in the streets due to their comfort and styling diversity. This beanie borrows a lot from the two worlds of the traditionally-cuffed beanie and the slouchy beanie. Well, you are right if you call it a hybrid of the two. But it is much trendier and a stylish headgear.

Hipster Beanie hats come with more material allowance to cover the ears. In the past, they were a darling for laborers and sailors but today they have found popular use among the general public. You can wear them with any outfit and still keep necks turning wherever you go. One of the things that place these beanies above any other is the fact that you can wear them in the summer, winter, and spring.

2. High top beanie

Do you love to make bold fashion statements with every piece you wear? High top beanie is a sure candidate for you. It will for sure keep your head warm, but that does not take away its cool fashion edge. The better side of this type of beanie is because you can wear it a thousand styles and look like a Hollywood winter movie star.

To keep true to its name, you have to wear the hat as high as possible on your head. But be careful not to leave it to topple. The knitted section should be at the forefront of the head. Try hard that this part does not make your head take a weird shape.

3. Woven beanies

Woven beanies are also referred to as skullcaps. They also carry the mantle of being the oldest of the beanie clan. Archeologists discovered human skeletons with the hats still intact on their skulls. This is actually where the name skullcap came from.

These beanies are made from leather, felt or twill and can be worn to work or sports events. They do not choose between genders; women and men can rock in them and look their best when they go out.

4. Cuffless beanies

Cuffless beanies are one of the most popular types. You can spot them in almost every fashion store in a range of colors. They are Cuffless because they do not have extended material at the lower brim. When you wear them, they do not go beyond the forehead. They are your best headwear when the weather is moderately hot or cold. A good number of Cuffless beanies come with printed logos, but you can for sure find a plain one.

5. Brimmed beanies

This crop of beanies is unique as they come with a visor just like in baseball caps. The visor keeps your forehead and eyes protected from sunlight and falling snow stones. One typical feature of brimmed beanies is that they come in a variety of styles. You can go with the light model during summer or grab the heavy type for winter. The choice is all yours on how you wish to wear yours because these are versatile pieces.

6. Ski masks

Bad guys, both in real life and movies, are big fans of ski masks. It covers their head and neck pretty well and you cannot easily identify them. However, that was not the original idea of these masks. They are supposed to help you beat the cold from the neck to the head. You can get ski masks in a variety of colors for both men and women.

7. American mohair beanie

It has its origin in Brooklyn and has become a global fashion hit. The material used is soft and smooth to keep you comfortable at all times. You can decide to wear this Brooklyn beanie hat with whatever outfit you wish and still make a tasteful statement about your personality. It is only during the cold months that this hat can be a big help, you can wear it every season of the year.

8. Cuffed beanie

You are right; this is a total opposite of the Cuffless beanie. It has a cuffed bottom that covers both your ears and forehead completely. You could never have a better headgear during winter. Typically, cuffed beanies are made of wool and cotton. You make the choice of your preferred material and give the cold weather a good fight.

The only way to wear this beanie is by keeping the cuff above the ears and over your forehead. You are leaving no room for any cold. Besides, you can wear your beanie anyhow you wish. It goes with any outfit you throw its way and that is versatility you cannot argue with. Still not convinced? Take a look at our favorite model and judge yourself.

9. The slouch beanie

It stands out as the only beanie without a cuffing at the brim. It is styled backward and sits comfortably over your ears. That is how it creates a slouch hence its name. This beanie has been a thing in the 20th century and is still a big fashion piece today. However, you have to be careful about how you style it. A small mistake will leave you looking like a mad person. Stars like Taylor Swift and David Beckham were big fans of this beanie and you could follow in their footsteps if you style yours like a star.

10. Earflap beanies

Children and teens can have their fair share of the winter hats with earflap beanies. The flaps cover the ears and sometimes have a strap running under the chin. They are mainly meant for the cold season, but that does not mean they are dull. You can get your earflap beanie in your favorite color and stay warm.

11. Animal beanies

Young people who love to be bold with their fashion statement will find animal beanies attractive. They resemble heads of various animals and you can choose your favorite. For those crazy parties, you can use these beanies to set the mood for mad fun. However, it is not everywhere you can wear your animal inspired beanie.

12. Fisherman/short beanie

Short beanies are new entrants and are now sending fashion waves everywhere. They are made from thick material probably to keep your head warm when you go fishing. The crown is shallow and only covers the top part of your head. It may not be easy to wear a fisherman beanie, but you can get it right and pull a stunning look.


Wrap up: Types of Beanies

Are beanies your thing? They are for a lot of people. With this rich list of different types of beanies, you can now pick yours and accessorize like a star. It is not a bad idea to have a mixture of types. All you have to is know when, where, and how to wear your beanie. We hope now you can make the right choice and keep your fashion on top.

Keep tuned to this site as we have so much more about fashion to share with you!

How to Shrink & Stretch a Beanie to Fit You

How to Shrink and Stretch a Beanie to Fit You

For a beanie to serve you to satisfaction, it has to fit perfectly. Anything small will be too tight on your skin. A big beanie will look like you borrowed it to beat the cold weather. We all have that one beanie we love but it turns out to be either small or big. Well, if you find yourself in this predicament just know you are not facing it alone. Thankfully, you can shrink or stretch your winter hat to fit you. And no, you do not need a pro to do it; you can do it by yourself.

Thank your lucky star for leading you here. This post is passionate about beanies and will make sure your small or big beanies are back to fit you. If that is some information you can use, then sit comfortably and read to the last full stop.

Shrinking your beanie

This is a delicate process and you should be careful not to lose your beanie for good. First of all, establish if your winter hat is washable by machine or hand. The procedure we detail here is only applicable to beanies that can be machine washed.


  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • Mild detergent

The shrinking procedure

  • Once you establish that the beanie is machine washable, place it in the washing machine and add the mild detergent.
  • Using hot water, run a very short cleaning cycle. This should not be done for long as it may destroy your hat for good. When the cleaning cycle is over, remove your beanie ready for the next shrinking phase.
  • Place the damp beanie in the dryer. Leave it there for between 20 and 30 minutes. The drastic loss of moisture will force the fabric to shrink in so many areas at the same time.
  • When your hat is dry completely, take it out and try it on. It should fit just fine on your head.

You should also note that the shrinking process varies from one material to the next. To save you from making costly mistakes, we have covered the shrinking process for several beanie materials.

Shrinking organic cotton beanie

This is a delicate material that needs hand washing. If you are going to use the dryer, set it at very low temperatures. Organic cotton has zero treatments; thus, should not be exposed to extreme heat.


Linen hardly stretches, but for some weird reasons, you may find yourself with an oversized linen beanie. Putting in a washing machine will shrink it significantly. It is with the temperature settings where you have to be very keen. For colored linen, set the temperature at 40 degrees Celcius/ 104 degrees Fahrenheit. If yours is white linen, set the temperature at 60 degrees Celcius/ 140 degrees Fahrenheit. When you are done washing, put your beanie in between folded towel to absorb excess moisture and leave it to air dry.

Wool, acrylic, and cotton

Run your beanies through a short machine washing cycle. It serves to make the fibers tender and ready for reshaping. Set your dryer at a medium level and pop your beanies into it. If your beanie is a little lager then set the dryer at a high mode. After this, check if your beanie is fitting. You can repeat the steps if you need further shrinking.


Silk is a very strong material. There are never reports of it stretching. If you are dealing with a stretched silk beanie, it is more likely to be a manufacturing fault. You may want to contact the store before doing anything else. If you still feel that you want to shrink your silk winter hat, be gentle with it. Silk is beautiful and has to keep that look always. Soak it in water and leave it for a significant duration. The fabric will shrink and probably fit onto your head. Remember that silk should not be dried under direct sunlight as it is prone to discoloring.

Stretching your beanie

It is unbearable to keep wearing a beanie that is too small to fit your head. The solution could lie with stretching your hat. Let’s see how you can make your winter cap bigger and fitting;

How to stretch a beanie

  • Get a spherical/circular object that is more-or-less the size and shape of your head. Watermelon, soccer ball, or cantaloupe can help you on this end.
  • Put the beanie over the object and stretch it to cover the physical surface entirely.
  • Leave it in that stretched state for at least 12 hours.
  • Get it off the object and try it on. It should fit without any problem.



If your beanie is too small or too large to fit your head, it is not the end of the road for that specific hat. There are ways to shrink or stretch it to the size of your head. You just read some of those methods in this post. It is time to get back your beloved beanie. Be cautious to treat each material as instructed by the manufacturer. Also, a lot of heat is not friendly to beanies. Don’t forget to keep checking up this site for insightful and latest fashion trends and information.