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7 Tips to Creating a Successful Shopify Store|Guide - image stefan-stefancik-257625 on https://blog.delusionmfg.com

7 Tips to Creating a Successful Shopify Store|Guide

Online sales can be confusing, there are so many platforms to choose from! All these outlets are unique in their own way. But in this post, I will offer tips to help you create a successful, well-rounded, marketable and popular Shopify Store!

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Weighing Your Options

Everyone orders things from different sites, for example: eBay, Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock, and thousands more. But the thing that makes Shopify unique is the capability to use this set up on your existing website. Instead of customers having to dig through pages and pages of products, searching all over to find your stuff, it is all right there. This is what makes Shopify one of the most popular selling platforms for small to big businesses around the world. It does not matter if you are selling art or custom apparel and everything in between. The Shopify Platform and Plug-In are extremely valuable in many ways. No one wants to have to dig, this is your chance at an all in one website and store. Things like this make this option a no brainer for owners everywhere!

But How Can I Make My Shopify Store Unique, Active, Marketable, and User Friendly?

Since now you have a little background on what Shopify can offer for you, it is important to go through some steps to make sure that you are getting the most from your potential store.

I will offer some insider pro-tips that will make you experience much success in your sales and the look / user friendliness of your Shopify Store!

(1) Set it up! Setting up your account with Shopify is obviously your start to the new venture, but doing it correctly is extremely important. As this platform offers different tiers of services, it is important to choose what level of coverage and options that you want. There are price points that you will be browsing through with different types of expanded coverage (such as types of payment accepted, premium themes, storage space, etc.). We will get into these later! Don’t be afraid to start off slow, learning the features will allow you to make better judgements down the road. We all need to start somewhere! It is key to choose what is right for you, your brand, and customers!

(2) Design, Design, Design! So, you officially have signed up for your account. It may have been a big decision, but you made it. Now you may feel in over your head! Something great that Shopify offers are pre-made Themes. Some of these are free, some you will have to pay for. But there are endless options that are available to you. The styling of your site can make or break the way someone views your brand. So, it is always important to not over do it, but show what your brand stands for via it’s look.

(3) Make it your own! As there are many themes available, there are so many different customizations. You want to put efforts forth in matching your branding that you use for products or ads directly into how your store will look. The simplest things like coloring, fonts, logos, etc. can make or break how everything comes together. A seamless, professional, but unique look is what will make you stand alone (in a good way of course!).

(4) Do your research! My job is to help you guide you on this journey, but there are many other outlets in which you can acquire information. Whenever I am feeling lost or confused, I will check out articles, blogs, information, etc. to get myself on track. The internet is a great tool and is the base for your store so don’t be afraid to educate yourself. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to making important decisions regarding the brand that you have built. Looking at other brand’s Shopify accounts or stores is a great way to see how things are set up and give yourself an idea or plan to execute. Again, the overall look, feel, and ease of use of your store will sell your products for you. This is a very important aspect.

(5) Add the swag! So, you have your general theme and look set up, but somethings missing. Oh yeah, the thing we made this for in the first place, your products! There are endless ways to display your products on the page, and awesome features to choose from. But none of this means much if you do not have proper photos and descriptions. These are again, two important things to be considered when going through this process. Professional photos of products give the vibe of professionality with your brand, so you should explore this option. Studio style photography with a backdrop can make all the difference in the legitimacy of the look and feel of your site and products. Something that I feel like goes hand in hand with this is showing your products being used, worn, etc. After you cover the bases for taking detailed photos (showing all aspects), it is a plus to have a few lifestyle type photos, so customers can see your product in a real-life situation. Whether this involves showing how clothing fits, or simply displaying your product in an environment that is related can make a huge difference. People always to see visually what they are reading about, which we will get to know. When adding details of your products, it is important to be very short but very detailed. For example, if you are selling a hat, some things you would want to cover is fit, material, color, branding, etc. These types of things can be accomplished with little information that is precise. Sometimes when you get too in-depth describing something it can become confusing, so simplicity and exact are your best friends here!

(6) The customer is always right! Involving your clients in this whole operation is very effective. From having a solid Customer Service sector, to getting advice from your audience for ideas and looks. It is key to listen and allow your customers to part of your journey because without them, there would be nowhere to go. Setting up means in which customers can contact you with questions, concerns, issues, and suggestions is a great tool for them and most importantly for you. Using the feedback, you get will only help you improve your site, brand, and store. There are options for contact forms and even live chat with the Shopify account so taking advantage of these are a plus. Also making sure that things work correctly and are user friendly makes things much easier for people to navigate and distinguish. Another cool thing to do is to personalize each experience for your customer. You can do this by emailing them after a purchase, personalizing their name and product, and given them more information about what is to come with your company and your appreciation for their business. Doing things like this makes your customers feel like a true part of your brand, that is where we gain success.

(7) Always look for more! Like I have mentioned there are so many different options, plug-ins, themes, and much more associated with your Shopify account. The industry is everchanging to include new trends, looks, and technology gets better every day. So, staying on top of things both from a design and tech standpoint is huge in keeping up with competitors. Constant interaction and slight changes as you learn more about the direction you want to go in really show the clients that there is a team behind the site that is striving for the best. Changes can be small, or big, but when people notice that updates are occurring it leaves them confident they are in good hands.

Secret Pro-Tip

This could be the most important thing you will learn today. Your site is complete, everything looks amazing, everything works great. But how do I market it? There are endless tools that can be used to boost your site traffic not only from just current customers but building a base of customers from around the world. This amazing transformation and expansion can occur by doing some simple things! As we all know, social media is king now. Creating, evolving, and maintain your social media accounts from Snapchat to Facebook and everything in between can be the difference in low to high sales for your month. People want to see the activity of what is going on, how you do things, and what you have to offer. Constant activity on social media again shows your legitimacy and care for your company. It by no means must be elaborate, just effective. Another important aspect of gaining attention for your site is using SEO tactics, these essentially boost search engine hits and bring more traffic to your site. I will be discussing more marketing techniques and going deeper into this soon!

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Ways to Wear a Beanie and Look Stylish

Ways to Wear a Beanie and Look Stylish

Beanies are one of the essential winter accessories, this piece of clothing is very popular as it can seamlessly fit in with various types of outfits. Although relatively simple in nature, it has the ability to put the ideal finishing touch, on several winter styles. Among its benefits include: Hiding your hair (if you are having a bad hair day), looking chic or making a whole fashion statement. 

However, it is important to note that beanies can make or break your whole look. Therefore, you should know how to wear them properly, below is a comprehensive guide on how to wear them, in order to look as stylish as possible.

Pick the Right Beanie For Your Face

Your face shape and size should determine the type of beanie you’ll buy, if you do not take this into consideration, then you will end up with a disproportionate and unbalanced look. If you have a square or a round face, you should buy a beanie without a turn-back cuff, and one that has a loose style. This will add a bit of height to your face, and make it look more attractive; moreover, you should not pull the beanie down over your ears, and should instead wear a beanie slightly back off your face.

On the other hand, if you have a longer face with sharp edges, then you are in luck. You do not need to make many modifications to the beanie style. The ideal way is to wear the beanie tightly, so that extra height is not added on your face.

Pick the Right Beanie For Your Hair

The length, volume, and style of your hair also plays a big impact, in determining what type of beanie you should buy. Generally speaking, if you have short hair, you should avoid beanies that are too long or too big. If you have curly hair, you should prefer a looser beanie. Curls and bangs can appear overly bulky underneath tight beanies, and that is why looser beanies are ideal for this hairstyle. Moreover, showing some of your curly locks on the side can be a good idea, as this will add an element of style to your look.

If you have long hair, a slim-fitted beanie is ideal, this is because it will be able to balance out the shape and texture of your long strands. Also, you should try rolling your beanie back, to reveal your face and forehead.

Determine Your Beanie Style

Your style is a reflection of your fashion taste and personality. There are various beanie styles to choose from, some of which are outlined below:

The Fisherman Beanie

This type of beanie is notorious for being popular amongst millennial hipsters, but do not let this put you off. It is basically a short and tight beanie that just covers the hair, giving a sleek and minimal look. The fisherman beanie is one of the oldest beanie styles, and is suitable for a workplace environment, in the winter.

The Cuffing Beanie

The standard way to wear a beanie is with no cuffs. It is an effective method to keep you warm, as your ears are covered. Moreover, it gives off a good basic and minimalistic vibe.

If you are looking to have cuffs in your beanie, a single cuff is ideal. This style can really help you if you are having a bad hair day. Furthermore, it gives off a nice casual vibe, that can be suitable for a variety of settings.

The Graphic Beanie

This is a relatively new type of beanie, and it consists of a pattern, design, or written quote on it. These types of beanies are suitable when you are looking to make a particular statement. The art or graphic drawn on the beanie is meant to portray something.

The Slouchy Beanie

In the world of stiff and cropped beanies, slouchy beanies are a good way to stand out! Their loose design makes it easier to push them back, and leave them in a hanging position. These beanies are primarily used for a cool and casual look.

The Bobble Hat

The pom-pom on top of a bobble hat can seem feminine, but rest assured, this type of beanie is suitable for men as well. It gives off a happy and festive vibe. However, you should avoid loud and shocking colors of this beanie, as it will be too gaudy. 

The David Beckham Beanie

David Beckham has become such a big style icon, that the way he wears a beanie, has become a proper style. Not everyone can pull this look off, but if you have the confidence and swagger, you should, by all means, go for it. This style basically consists of wearing the beanie as far back as possible, covering the ears, and allowing some hair to tuft out in the front. 

The Robin Hood Beanie

This type of beanie is suitable if you want to go for an adventurous look. To achieve this style, you should keep it uncuffed at the front and single cuffed at the back. You should also make sure that the cuff is at an angle.


With a beanie, you can accomplish any style you want, whether it be smart or casual. However, for this to happen, you need the right clothes to go along with them. To achieve a smart look, wearing a beanie along with a shirt, coat, and chinos is a classic look. It achieves the perfect balance between looking professional and looking stylish. If you want a smart look that edges more towards the casual size, you can wear a jumper with a pair of jeans.

If you want to achieve a streetwear look, to give off a badass vibe, a bomber jacket is the greatest piece of clothing you can wear. These two are the perfect combination for the quintessential streetwear look, and in the winter season, you can also add a scarf into the mix.