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Here’s How to Choose Hats For Your Face Shape

Picking a perfect hat for you can sometimes be exhausting. You try out various hats but you feel like none of them is perfect. One is too wide, others hides your eyes or show your big ears a bit more. And this cycle can last forever. You try thousands of hats and none can work for you. But, this can all change if you know what type of face shape you have. 

Hats are similar to sunglasses or glasses in general. If you want to make your accessories look good on you, then you should pick hats/glasses according to your face shape. Your face is what dictates if you’ll buy an oval or square frame glasses. The same goes for hats. It’s not a secret that some faces can pull off pretty much every single type of hat while others can wear only selected ones successfully. Now, of course, you can say: “I don’t care, I’ll wear whatever I like”. And we can only say amen to that. But, at the same time, if you aren’t so confident and you’re afraid to wear something that doesn’t look perfect on you, then buying your hats when knowing what face shape you have is a way to go.

In this article, we’ll cover a topic that is of extreme importance. We’ll see what are different types of face, some of which you have as well. We’ll cover what’s good and bad about the (in terms of hat-wearing) and we’ll see what are the best hats that you should be wearing with your face shape. Think of this article as the master plan when you wish to buy a new hat. We’ll cover everything you may need and even a little extra.

What’s Your Face Shape?

Now, before we start talking about hats, we need to determine which type of face you have. There are different types of faces that are confirmed by scientists around the world and every single individual has one of these types. They are listed below:

  • Oval face – On an oval face, the length of it is approximately one and a half times greater than the width of the face. The jaw is rounded and the forehead is a bit larger than the jawline. If we could put a parallel with something familiar, we could say that an oval face often resembles an egg. 
  • Round face – Similar to oval face, but has its differences. The round shape is, well, round. The length and width are usually the same with the rounded jawline and full cheeks. People who have round face types usually look like babies – a bit younger than they really are.
  • Oblong face – In oblong face, the length of it will be greater than its width. Oblong faces have cheeks, jawline, and forehead which are similar in dimensions. Some of them might have big foreheads. 
  • Heart-shaped face – This type of face is very common. It has a pointy chin and around the upper part of the face. People with this face type usually have a broad forehead and wide cheekbones. Some of them may have small mouths in comparison to everything else on the face. One of the most common face types. 
  • Square face – pretty self-explanatory. Similar to round faces, we have square faces as well. Its length and width are equal. The distance from nose to the chin or from nose to forehead is roughly the same.
  • Triangle face – Triangle shaped faces are characterized by a large jawline, smaller cheekbones, and forehead which is the smallest. Triangle shaped faces are often known as pear-shaped faces but either way, this type of face is easily distinguishable. 

In most cases, you can define your face type with ease. Each face type has its own features and we’re sure that you noticed some of them on your face as well. There isn’t a mixture of two faces. types. Everyone has one from the ones mentioned above and if you can’t really distinguish which one you have, you’ll need to measure it to know the exact dimensions and see what type you have. Now that you know what type of face you have, it’s time to see what hats go good on a specific face type.

Oval Face

We can pretty much say that you are blessed. The oval face is one of the best faces when it comes to wearing hats. So, feel free to wear whatever you may like! From pointy hats to ones that are large, everything will look good for you. Especially if you’re a woman. On an oval face, nothing is too much. Everything blends in and you can rest assured that any type of hat you may have will look good on you.

And, since you have an oval face, you should utilize that as much as you can. Wear hats whenever you can. Stand out from the crowd and look cool. We bet that most people around you don’t have an oval face and that they always tell you that you have such a babyface. Use it to your advantage. We know that we aren’t a sunglasses based blog but what we do know is that your oval face is perfect for virtually any type of sunglasses as well. So, mix it up. Wear different hat styles with different sunglasses. You’ll look amazing!

Round Face

If you have a round face it means that you have a lot of symmetry. And, do you know what goes good with symmetry? Asymmetry! It might sound a bit weird, but it’s the truth. If you opt for a hat that is round as your face, it will just blend in and become a part of the face itself. Meaning, you won’t stand out from the crowd. 

What you want to do is put a little cherry on top. Therefore, look for hats that aren’t round. Something like a fedora, baseball cap or regular sports cap with a visor will look good on you. They all have different angles and that’s what will create an illusion that your face is slimmer. 

Oblong Face

This type of face is a bit unforgiving. Some may say that a small number of hats will work with this face type, but we disagree. Since your face is elongated, what you want to avoid are hats that are tall. They can elongate your face even more and make it look ridiculous, like a giraffe. Since in most cases, people with this face type have a relatively large forehead, the aim of your hat should be to cover it to some extent. Hats like a cloche or a fedora with a large brim come in handy and work perfectly since they cover at least half of your forehead. 

Heart-Shaped Face

Faces that have this type can rock many hats. As with oblong faces, you have issues with the forehead as well. While on the oblong face, the forehead is long, on the heart-shaped face, the forehead is wider. Hats that make your head look smaller go really well. Think of Hamburg, beanie, fedora with a medium-sized brim or a boater. They are all a good choice! What you should be doing as well as tilting your hat a bit down when you wear it. This will draw attention to your eyes and create an illusion that your face is slimmer than it really is.

The heart-shaped face is often called a cute face, and you should use that to become even cuter. Wear hats that suit you and, especially if you’re a woman, we can bet men won’t resist the next level cuteness you’ll have. 

Square Face

A square face is similar to a round face when it comes to the philosophy of wearing hats. While in round faces your only focus needs to be on wearing hats that aren’t round (which will emphasize the roundness of your face even more), when it comes to square face, you need to focus on not wearing hats that are square in their nature. 

Your symmetrical face structure that is quite “sharp” needs something to soften those edges. And a circular type that is perfect for this occasion. You need to pull attention from your edges and like with round face shape, add some asymmetry to the whole look. What you shouldn’t wear are hats with no brim, short brim or square hats. They will make your face look even more square and we want to avoid that. The hats you should look at are cowboy hat, sunhat, cloche or a toque. They will add some roundness to your face and we can guarantee you’ll look good!

Triangle Face

Triangle face is often related to as a little brother of oval face shape. What this means is that you can pretty much wear any hat you like. The options are endless. From fedoras, cowboy hats, baseball caps and so on, you can pretty much wear anything you like. Even a sombrero! 

Triangle face type is very grateful for wearing a hat. But, at the same time, we know that you might be upset that you have this face shape. You can’t find perfect sunglasses! But hey, that’s a story for another occasion. What’s good is that you can mix things up more than other faces and wear different hat types.

Stay True To Yourself

Now, of course, different face types go well with different hat types. It’s no mystery. But, who are we to tell you that you shouldn’t wear anything that you like? You have a square face and like a round hat? Go for it. The thing about hats is that they are so versatile and often mimic how the person feels. So, if you feel like wearing a specific hat, don’t hesitate to do so. Use this article as a guiding idea if you are buying a new hat or want to know more about which hat would fit you. What is true is that, by and large, the vast majority of hats will be good for anyone who wears them. Regardless of what face shape they have. Just think, how many times have you seen someone on the street who wore a hat that didn’t fit his face shape? Probably a lot. Freedom to wear a hat is what is fantastic about them and you should use this as much as you can.

To sum up, hopefully after reading this article you know more about different head shapes and what sort of hat goes good on a specific head shape. Also, hopefully, now you know that that fedora you have, probably won’t look good on you, since you don’t have a head shape for it. But, at the same time, if you feel like wearing it, and you’re confident about it, just do it. No one will judge.

Most Common Hat Types for Custom Headwear

Most Common Hat Types for Custom Headwear

Did you know that you can use custom hats to propel your brands? Even better, you can use your custom hats to show your sense of fashion.

We bet you have already seen a lot of headwear with company names and logos on their crowns. If you are looking for a stylish yet practical way to get your brand to the next levels, custom headwear could be your next move. Not all hats will serve you well for custom headwear. A baseball cap may serve your company better than, say, a bucket hat.

If you are in search of the best-compatible hat to customize for your business, this article is for you. Let’s get going. 


If you are looking to customize hats for your sporty brand, snapbacks will not disappoint you. With them, you can have embroidered patches, pins, or direct printing on the crown of your hats. You also get to choose between 6 panels and 5-panel styles. Furthermore, you also get to decide between a high-profile, a low-profile, and a mid-profile cap.

Another aspect you will love about custom snapbacks is that they can be made from a different material. There are snapbacks made of cotton, polyester, wool, and satin. It is upon you to choose what suits your brand best.

Snapbacks come in different forms and options. There are no limitations. You will be spoiled for choices. 

Dad hats

Dad hats are laidback because they are less structured than snapbacks. It is the best way to bring in a trend into your customization. It promotes a casual and more comfortable look.

Custom dad hats can be made from cotton, canvas, wool, faux leather, and satin. You can embroider your company’s name or logo on the crown of the dad hat. You can also choose to print it on the hats directly. 

Dad hats also come with several closure features. These include snapback, Velcro, and buckle. 

Custom visors

Visors are one way to brand and bring the world to a standstill when you go outdoors. The customized visors can be practical in a sporty or casual setting.

The brand name or the logo has to be small or compressed, though. You know, visors do not have enough space for huge logos. The logo has to be compressed to fit on the strap above the brim of the visor.

They are a stylish way to draw attention, but they will not work for you if you want your logo screaming for attention. 


Beanies are an elegant way to propel your brand in the winter. Beanies have adequate space for you to embroider your logo or company’s name. You can have them knitted using your company’s theme colors.

Beanies allow you to play around a little. You can have the larger beanies printed on the fold of the brim. One limitation of using custom beanies is that they solely work well with embroideries. If you wish to print your logo or name directly, beanies would not be your best choice. 

Cowboy hats

Cowboy hats are a classic way you can promote your brand or pass a message. The caps have adequate space on their brims and crowns for your message and logo. You can also have the logo printed on the outer band of the cowboy hats. This is an effective way of keeping things simple.

Furthermore, cowboy hats often draw a lot of attention. They will have people turning their heads to try and catch a glimpse. 

Cowboy hats are, however, an effective way of outdoor marketing events such as hikes, country music festivals, tour companies, bike competitions, and grilling parties. Cowboy hats work well with prints. They are not so effective with embroideries. 

Custom floppy hats

Floppy hats and beach hats are a great way to pass across a message outdoors. They work well for the summer, beaches, and swimming. They have a wide brim– ideal for printed messages/logos. You may also choose to write your message on the crown of the hat. We, however, recommend that you go with the floppy brims, especially if the rims are a little wider than usual. They will draw the attention you need. 

Custom floppy hats also work well with prints. They are not so effective with embroideries because of the materials used to make them. 

Custom berets

Berets scream class and confidence. They are an excellent way to create custom hats because they can be worn in several different ways. The wearer will have to wear the beret in a way that exposes the custom message or logo. Besides, you can customize berets in several different ways. You can have embroideries on it or prints. You can also have the embroidered fabric sewn on the front of the beret. This is the most popular way to customize a beret.

However, metallic clips and tags can also be attached in front of the beret. The metallic stickers are a sure way to market your brand because they will draw attention to the wearer. They will not only market your brand, but also leave the wearer looking stylish and fashion-forward. 



Hats are accessories that serve a lot of purposes. One of the targets not yet fully exploited is passing a message across or marketing a brand. If you would love to propel a word without much effort, you need to embrace the idea of using custom hats. With your custom hats, you can have your staff and clients market your brand as they have the headgear on.

However, you have to be aware that not all caps will work well with the customization. The hats discussed above are the most popular and effective customization. Be sure that the hat you choose will serve your customization needs, go ahead, have the hats customized, and watch your brand or message fly to the next level. Remember, Delusion MFG has all your custom hats needs under wrap. Come where quality and customer service are served abundantly.