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4 Main Styles of Baseball Caps and How to Wear Them

4 Main Styles of Baseball Caps and How to Wear Them

Baseball hats have become a styling staple the world over. They are worn across all ages and in all styles people can creatively come up with. These fashion bad boys were born out of baseball fields when players would wear them to show loyalty to their teams.

Come the 90s and baseball caps would become a fashion hit. Since then, the baseball cap family has been growing and taking a firm grip in the fashion scene. You probably have one or two baseball caps in your closet thanks to their popularity. But this popularity does not mean we all know how to wear the baseball hat like it deserves. Look around and you will see someone committing a fashion crime by wearing these hats the wrong way.

We could not stand by and let people abuse this fashion icon. That is how this article was born. We are going to share 4 main styles to sport your baseball cap and leave the crowds admiring your sense of fashion. If your loyalty to these caps is anywhere near ours, keep reading and we promise you will not be disappointed.


Snapbacks are one of the most loved variations of baseball hats. These hats have a snap as a closure at its back. The snap, usually plastic, allows the wearer to adjust the hat to fit them. Snapbacks have a flat brim and mostly a high profile. In the 90s, snapbacks were highly associated with hip-hop culture. Today, they are a stylish accessory that works perfectly with casual styles and anyone can rock them.

You can wear your snapback with the brim facing the front or the back, depending on the impression you want to make. The rim-facing-forward style results in a smart casual look. This style works excellently with a pair of jean trousers, a simple t-shirt, and sneakers. You can throw in a leather jacket to complete the look. If you choose to wear your snapback with the brim facing behind, be sure to keep things casual and relaxed. 

A lot of people are often spotted wearing their snapbacks facing sideways. For the love of fashion, keep off this temptation. Wear your snapback facing the front, and if you are feeling a little playful, you can wear it facing the back and remember to keep everything casual all the way to the feet.

Dad hats

Dad hats were popularized by middle-aged men back in the 90s. They have a soft crown and a slightly curved brim. Dad hats are usually 5-panel hats with a loose-fitting. They were mostly made to fit middle-aged men. If you want to look classy with your dad hat, go for one without logos. The front surface of the crown is usually minimal. They, therefore, do not work well with complicated and huge logos. A plain one is an excellent way to go. 

Dad hats work well with street outfits, gym wear, t-shirts, and jeans. You can also wear your dad cap with vintage outfits and leave everyone picking up their jaws off the floor. Be careful not to overdo your outfit and water down your hat statement.

Fitted hats

Fitted hats are a style of baseball hats. Unlike snapbacks, they are not adjustable. They are created for a perfect fit. So if you are going for a fitted cap, ensure that you get the right size. You do not want a hat that covers your entire head.

Fitted hats can either have a flat or curved brim. What matters most for the cap to be considered fitted is not having the feature to adjust the cap. It is weird to wear your fitted hat facing backward. This style works well with an adjustable hat. You may want to keep things simple with fitted hats by wearing them the ordinary and usual way. 

Trucker hats

Trucker hats came in to replace the mechanic hat, which was popular between the 1930 and the 1960s. The caps with the plastic mesh at the back were popular among truckers and farmers in the 1960s and 1970s. They were a popular giveaway item by companies. The companies used them to market and propel their brands. Their name was coined from their popularity among truckers. They become a loved fashion accessory after the 1970s. 

Trucker hats can be worn either facing the front or the back. They are one of the baseball hats that are popularly worn facing the rear. We recommend that you go with bold and bright colors when it comes to trucker hats. If you choose to wear it backward, ensure the brim faces down. A straight-back facing rim looks weird. Pulling the bill upwards is also a stylish and refreshing way to wear your trucker hat. 



Baseball hats are a staple fashion accessory for any fashion-conscious person. You, however, have to know the different styles and variations of baseball hats. These hats keep evolving, with new techniques and changes coming up. They are distinct and will bring out a completely different impression. You have to know how to wear each of the styles of baseball caps. You do not have to follow fashion trends, but there are some hat rules that you have to follow.

Be sure to wear the correct style and to the right event. We hope we made your closet richer and the next time you go out, let your baseball cap ooze your sense of fashion.

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Six Different Types of Hats

Have you started shopping for hats but are overwhelmed by the dizzying assortment of hat types? Then this article is for you. Because hats are eternally stylish and always popular, they come in many types of styles imaginable. 

Men and women of all ages (and kids!) love hats because they’re versatile, functional, and stylish. They’re also suitable for any season. Rain, snow, sleet, or sun, a hat can keep you protected from the elements and look great doing it. Here are X different types of hats that are in demand today. 

1. Baseball Caps

The baseball cap was named for America’s most loved sport of baseball. Originally designed with a long stiff curved brim and a close-fitting round cap made of cloth material, the iconic baseball cap has come a long way. Baseball caps were, and still are, an essential part of every organized baseball team’s uniform. 

Even though they were first designed for athletes, today baseball caps are worn by just about everyone. Men, women, and kids of all ages love baseball caps and they can’t get enough of them. Style-savvy celebs are routinely spotted rocking baseball hats as are politicians, weekend warriors, and soccer moms. 

2. Beanies 

A beanie is a knit cap that’s worn high on the back of the head, down over the ears, and with the brim turned up. Or, when it’s cold outside, beanies are worn with the brims all the way down to protect the ears from the cold.

Beanies gained popularity in the US long ago when outdoor workers wore these knit caps to keep their heads warm during the winter. Over time, beanies have evolved into one of the most popular types of hats for men, women, and kids.

Beanies are head-hugging, brimless caps made from triangular panels of material that are joined at the crown and sewn together around the sides. A beanie is also called a skullcap or skully. Why? Because this type of hat hugs your skull, so to speak. 

Beanies come in every color under the sun. They can be adorned with patches to advertise brands, show the wearer’s love of something, or with just about any design or text.  Today, hipsters and fashion-forward thinkers wear beanies year-round. They’re cool, hip, and hats that everyone can wear. 

3. Trucker Hats 

While a trucker hat may look like a baseball cap at first glance, it is a hat type all its own. A trucker hat is taller than a baseball cap. And instead of being made of cotton-like most baseball caps are, trucker hats are made of mesh. These hats also differ from baseball caps in that they have a foam front section that stands up tall and straight. This is why trucker hats are longer than baseball caps. 

Trucker hats were originally worn by long-distance truckers, starting in the 1970s. While many truckers still wear them, trucker hats have become wildly popular among skaters, rockers, hipsters, and A-lists of both sexes.

Actor Ashton Kutcher helped make trucker hats popular as the star is often seen out and about sporting a trucker hat.  Motorsport enthusiasts are huge fans of trucker hats as are metalheads, and hard rockers. 

4. Dad Caps 

Professional sports-style baseball caps were the headgear of choice seen on the streets until dad caps came along in the late 1900s. Now, dad caps are worn by dads everywhere and by everyone else who likes to keep in style. 

So what’s a dad cap? It’s a baseball hat for dads. What we’re trying to say is there’s a fine line between a dad cap and a regular baseball cap. The typical dad cap is a 5-panel hat with a loose-fitting. What differentiates the dad cap from the baseball cap is the 5-panel construction. Plus, the closure is different. A dad cap has a metal closure and a baseball hat uses velcro or snaps. 

Dad caps come in a multitude of colors and designs. They’re popular among kids, women, and men. Dads certainly aren’t the only ones wearing dad caps anymore, in spite of the name.

5. Fedora Hats 

Long considered cool, classic, and timeless, fedora hats are very popular in today’s fashion world. This type of hat originated in 1891 after the stage play Fedora. The cross-dressing star of the play wore a wide-brimmed hat with a center crease. Alas, the fedora hat was born! 

Fedora hats have wide brims to keep the sun out of the eyes. They also have shallow crowns and are made from durable, long-lasting materials like 100% cotton or high quality felt. 

The proper way to wear a fedora hat is to slightly tip the hat forward. This helps with sun protection, plus it looks slick and awesome. Fedora hats are mostly worn by men, although they’ve been seen on many women’s heads. They’re hip, cool, great for summer wear and a hat style that will remain in fashion for many years or decades to come. 

6. Snapback Hats 

A snapback hat is a baseball-style, 6-panel hat with a wide flat brim. This type of hat snaps in the back, hence, the name. It is worn close to the head and fitted with an adjustable snap on the backside.

 A snapback is a one-size-fits-all hat. Snapbacks are enjoying a surge in popularity. Kids, tween, teenagers, and adults of both sexes love snapback hats. And of course, these hats come in a plethora of colors and color combos. 

As far as shape goes, a snapback has an almost 90-degree angle between the cap and the brim. This makes the front panel of a snapback very easy to see. Unlike a dad cap with a round, preshaped brim, the snapback’s brim is flat. The big front panel on the snapback is hard. This creates the perfect place to adhere to embroidery patches or iron on patches. 

There you have it: Six different types of hats! These are all popular hat types people of all ages love wearing. At Delusion MFG, our passion is hats! We’ve got a broad assortment of all the most popular hat types including dad caps, beanies, 5-panel hats, 6-panel hats, and lots more. Visit us today to pick your new favorite hat!