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Hat Sizing Chart: Determine Your Hat Size

Hat Sizing Chart: Determine Your Hat Size

If you want to choose the appropriate hat for you then you need to know the size. Which can get a little bit tricky, unfortunately. Therefore, you need to be persistent and measure carefully, otherwise, you will mess things up and you won’t get the right sized hat. And that would just be awful, wouldn’t it?

After all, our clothing needs to fit us, even on our heads. Although in this case, you can be a little lousy and go with a bigger measurement, because let’s be honest: bigger clothes are comfier. Even on our head.

determine your hat size

How to Measure Your Head

Take out a measuring tape (or if you don’t have one then you can simply use a blank piece of paper). Make sure that it’s big enough to reach around your head on the part where the brim of your hat will be. Not above, not below. If you don’t get the placement right then it’s possible that you will get a size that will never be able to fit you. After all, our skills don’t change shape all that much.

Mark where the tape reaches itself and write it down. Or if you used a piece of paper then mark where the two parts connected and measure it with a ruler. Simple as that. By then you should be able to tell how big of a hat you need.

If you fall between exact measurements then choose the next largest in size.

Why do You Need to be so Exact with Measurements?

Let’s be honest, most people can only think about the hat being a little too tight. That’s only a little bit of discomfort and anyone can take that much, so it shouldn’t really matter, right?

Kind of. There aren’t many dangers to wearing a hat that is too small for your head, thankfully. But there are certain things that can happen.

For example; hair loss. If you put constant pressure on your hair follicles then they will start to wear out and slowly give up. You will end up with bald patches all around your head (especially on the brims, which can look like you’re starting to age too quickly). Although, this can be reversed. If you take the stress of your hair and stop wearing a tight hat then it will slowly grow back. But it will never really be as strong or healthy. You really shouldn’t risk balding because of bad hat size.

But there are also some short term effects. Ones that will go away in minutes but will be pretty awkward while they last. Red spots and patterns on your forehead. These aren’t harmful in any way, but if you wear a hat to appear a bit cooler then this effect will most definitely defeat your hat’s original purpose.


End Notes

Just measure your head precisely. It will save you some money and a lot of trouble (like returning and ordering a product) for such a little invested time. And it’s simple, so why not?