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Brand Spotlight - AIKIG - image AIKIG.teamrider.TylerNelson.Kickflip.PhotoKevinGroskranz on https://blog.delusionmfg.com

Brand Spotlight – AIKIG

DELUSIONMFG has continued to find ways to truly connect and support all our clients, our next step has been adding the Brand Spotlight to our repertoire.

By recognizing brands that we have worked with, we are able to not only assist in bringing more traffic to their business but also give companies a platform to speak about their brand and experience with us.

This collaborative effort will also assist new or existing companies in receiving insight into the world of custom headwear and how it can positively influence and drive sales and traffic.

All companies were asked a series of questions to gain information about their brand, influences, style, experiences with adding custom headwear, and satisfaction with our company.

This week we are featuring a longtime client, friend and fellow New Jersey brand, ALLIKNOWISGOON.

Brand Spotlight - AIKIG - image  on https://blog.delusionmfg.com

Tell us a little about your brand (location, type of business, message, what makes you unique, etc.).

AIKIG (ALLIKNOWISGOON) is a streetwear/lifestyle brand, based out of New Jersey. Owned by a group of homies who skateboard, screen print and graphic design, we like to creatively express ourselves and views on the world through our art and videos. AIKIG also takes part in supporting the local skateboarding scene by hosting/sponsoring contests and raising money to repair/build local skateparks throughout the Tri-state area. We have a team of riders from NJ, FL, TX and Costa Rica, all featured on our website and in our ‘Cook Life’ videos.

What are some of your influences when creating artwork and branding options? As well as how you create your artwork.

Current events and the urban skateboarding/hip hop culture influence our work. All of our releases are natural; artwork is never really forced out. We like to release graphics pertaining to real life situations, or simply from our own inside jokes. Aside from our original artwork, we have also released lines of parody graphics (Fuckin Cookin’, Have a Nice Life and Got Cookin’?).

Brand Spotlight - AIKIG - image  on https://blog.delusionmfg.comBrand Spotlight - AIKIG - image  on https://blog.delusionmfg.com

What are you most proud of regarding your brand or business, what makes you guys unique?

We take pride in being able to give our supporters high-quality apparel. Shirts that don’t shrink nor prints that don’t crack in the first wash. We also like to start our own waves, and don’t like to follow the main trends in our art. Our hustle is grass-roots and we are involved in our community.

What was the main reason you decided to introduce fully custom headwear for your brand?

As an up and coming clothing brand, we have to meet a certain standard to our products. When releasing our first set of hats back in 2016, we didn’t want to embroider on the same blank hats as everyone else. Being that we do not embroider and stitch, we wanted to work with seasoned professionals to ensure a high-quality end result. So, we hollered at DelusionMFG to make it happen.

Brand Spotlight - AIKIG - image  on https://blog.delusionmfg.com

What is one of the main reasons that you enjoy working with DELUSION MFG?

Working with DelusionMFG is always an awesome experience because they are organized and communicate throughout the whole creating process. Our products always come out A1 whenever Delusion manufactures our goods.

In closing, where can customers interact with you online and follow your brand & business as you continue to grow!

Brand Spotlight - AIKIG - image  on https://blog.delusionmfg.com

To follow us on our growth, new releases and content, check us out on Instagram/Twitter: @alliknowisgoon, and ALLIKNOWISGOON on Youtube and Facebook. To order online and receive free shipping check our site out at www.alliknowisgoon.com and join our email list!

We hope you enjoyed a little background on ALLIKNOWISGOON, and feel free to show them some love. They are a great group and are continuously involved in strengthening the community through skateboarding and positive vibes.

Brand Spotlight - AIKIG - image  on https://blog.delusionmfg.com

DELUSIONMFG will continue to help promote and market others, as building these strong relationships before, during and after producing a product is such an important aspect of our company.

If you are interested in being featured, feel free to comment or shoot us an email. We are working on having an automated form for all interested to make this process even easier!

Make sure to explore our blog for more Brand Spotlight posts and also a collection of post pertaining to anything from creating, growing and maintaining your custom merchandise.

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