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Man Hats & Long Hair: Best Hat Types & Wearing Tips

Long hair among men has become popular in the last couple of years. The fact that nowadays there is so much variety when it comes to hairstyles, clothing and so on makes men with long hair not so rare. Therefore, we need to leave a bit of article space for them as well. Studies show that more than 18% of men have longer hair – past their ears.

Since this is a blog that covers hats and everything there is about hats, we’ll mix up these two things. We’ll talk about what are the best hats with men with long hair and we’ll see what are some tips on wearing those hats with long hair. There are many different styles you can go with and we’ll cover the ones which are most common among the younger generation.

Knit Caps

Longer hair keeps your head warm and so do knit caps. During winter, you can see most people wear this type of hats around. Knit caps are simple, warm and they can be very stylish depending on which color you buy. They also go good with a pair of sunglasses. What makes this type of hat so good is the fact that it pretty much doesn’t matter if you have longer hair or not. There are other types like a straw hat for an example which can sometimes be hard to mix up with long hair and doesn’t look quite good. 

Knit caps are different. You just pop them on your head and you’re ready to go. It pretty much doesn’t matter what head shape you have or what type of hair you have. Knit caps look good on everyone. And, if you have long hair, things are no different. It will look good on you. The general idea behind wearing such a hat with long hair is to let your bangs show. Everyone likes to see healthy-looking hair, especially on a male. Therefore, you should use this to your advantage. Stand out from the crowd. Let everyone show you have long hair and combine it with a knit cap.

We said that this type of hat is often used in the colder months since it provides warmth to your head. But, don’t be amazed if you see dudes wearing this cap during hotter summers as well. Yeah, it might sound a bit silly, but if you push this hat a bit back you’ll get a cool, laid-back look which will make you again – stand out from the crowd.


Fedoras are a favorite type of hat for many people around the world. Even more, people would know about it but they are afraid of how stylish it looks and think that they aren’t up to it. Wrong. Even though that fedora is a bit more stylish than let’s say a baseball cap, you can still wear it on many occasions. Fedora has a large brim that amazingly frames your face and puts a spotlight on it. Now, don’t be afraid. It doesn’t do that in a bad way. Like, if you have a zit, it’s not like a fedora will show it even more to the world. It’s nothing like that. 

Fedora goes exceptionally well with long hair. Put it on your head and tuck the hair behind your ears. What you’ll get is a look that most rock stars will be jealous of. You can also put your hair over your ears and let it fall naturally although it’s not a look that will suit everyone. Most women wear their fedoras like this though. 

Another good thing about wearing a fedora is that it is very lightweight and you won’t even reckon it’s sitting on your head. This might not sound like a big deal, but it is, especially in the summertime. During summer, it gets hot and therefore at some point, your hair will probably get sweaty. This is an even bigger issue if you have a bit longer hair since the hair can soak up the sweat and become oily really fast. Having a hat on your head which isn’t lightweight will create an even worse situation for you and we guarantee that after one extremely hot day, you won’t even consider wearing a hat ever again.

However, since fedoras are made from light and quality materials, this won’t be the case. As we said, you won’t even feel it on your head so you can relax and just rock your new summer look.

Baseball Caps

Yea, you thought we won’t mention them since we started with fancy hats like the fedora, right? Well wrong. How can we not mention one of the most popular hats out there? Baseball caps are worn by millions or even billions of people in the world. Yea, fedoras are great, but you can’t wear them on every single occasion. Knit caps are also great, but the same goes for them. However, baseball caps are a bit different. It’s cold? Wear a baseball cap. Hot? Same thing. Want to protect from the sun while you’re running? Well, the baseball cap. Want to go out to the club and look cool? You know the answer. You get the point. Baseball caps are so versatile that it comes as no surprise that they are part of the wardrobe of almost everyone. And yes, you don’t need to be a baseball fan to wear it. It’s okay.
Since baseball caps are so popular and can be worn on every single occasion, the question that arises is if they go well with long hair? And, the answer is yes. And they go perfectly. 

We said that it is of huge importance that a hat is lightweight. Baseball caps are like that. They are also very adjustable. Something that most hats lack. Take a fedora for an example. It has an average hole where your head goes into and it will suit most people. But, not everyone. If your head is a bit bigger or wider, you’ll have trouble if you try to put it on. Furthermore, you’ll need to squeeze your head in and probably stretch the hat once for good. Imagine that you even have long hair and want to put it on. It could be a huge issue.

On the other hand, baseball caps and other sports caps that simply have a visor, have an adjustable strap which lets you configure how it will sit on your head. Will it be loose or they’ll have a grip. It’s a neat feature to have since that means you can buy a hat and not worry too much about the size of it. Baseball caps will suit everyone, even the big brain ones.
But, how does long hair go with such a hat? Similar to fedora. The general point is that you tuck your bangs behind your ears, put some sunglasses on and go to the street with style. You can also wear it in reverse mode. Have you seen rappers wearing a cap like this? The visor turned back, to their neck? Yes, you did. And admit it, it looks cool. You can do it as well! Apply the same concept – hair behind your ears, and reverse your hat. Sweet.

Nowadays it’s also popular to wear a man bun. If you don’t know what it is, look it up since it’s a bit hard to explain. Girls will know. The man bun is a no issue for a baseball hat as well. On every hat of this type, there is a hole between the adjustable strap we talked about and the rest of the hat. Now, this is made so that women can put their ponytail through it and wear a hat that otherwise they couldn’t. Your man bun can go there as well. It would look weird if you wore the baseball cap over your bum. It will look like you have something on your head and it will seem weird. Put your bun through that hole and rock the hat. 

Long Hair No Issue

As you can see, if you have longer hair, don’t feel bad that you can’t wear hats. You can! And to be honest, it can look even better on you than it would on me who have shorter hair. Use the hair you have to your advantage and stand out even more from the crowd. The hats we mentioned go really well with long hair and you should utilize it as long as you could. You never know when that precious hair you have might start to fall out? So, use it while you have it!

And yes, we know that we probably didn’t mention all the hats that are out there. The list would be too long. We covered the ones which are being used mostly during the past couple of years and truth to be told, it will stay like that for the years to come. Therefore, take our advice and wear hats. It will make your life a whole lot better. 

11 Trendy Men's Hat styles you should know about

11 Trendy Mens Hat Styles You Should Know About|Buyers Guide

Hats are accessories that would take your fashion sense to a whole new level. They make a basic outfit look classy. You just have to play your cards right. If you are looking to stand out from the rest of the men in the crowd, you need to learn how to use hats to accessorize with style. Trendy hats are a sure way to make you stand out. It all requires you to learn the art of headwear well, and you are sure to be a fashion icon.

However, there is a sea of hat options out there. The world of headwear is so diverse. There are a lot of hats, worn on different functions and seasons. The caps serve a lot of different purposes. Where do you even start?

Well, this article gives you the trendiest men’s hat style. There is something for every man. Read on to find out how to style them, and when to rock the best. Let’s get going!

1. Fedoras

You probably expected to find this hat on the list, here it is. If there is a hat that would receive an award for standing the test of time, fedoras would gladly carry the day. A lot of men have trouble accessorizing their formal wear. Official wear often ends up looking dull. If you are tired of basic official looks, fedoras will save you the burden. A fedora works excellently with classic suits. They are a sure way to make you stand out while going to seal that business deal. They also look excellent when styled with trench coats. You get a classy and sophisticated look without trying too hard. 

Fedoras come in a lot of sizes and colors. We suggest that you go with neutral colors and medium-shaped sizes. If it feels right on you, it sure will get those envious looks.

11 Trendy Men's Hat styles you should know about

2. Beanies

Want your head warm and your style looking hot? Beanies would work out the magic. Beanies were once a mere winter accessory. They were considered an accessory for schoolboys. They have, however, undergone the test of time to become a stylish fashion accessory that can be worn during any season, and by any age group. However, it may be ridiculous to wear beanies in the middle of sunny summer days. The thick knitted material will ensure that your skin retains as much heat as possible. This is not what you want for your summer days. 

One of the reasons beanies will not be running out of style anytime soon is that they can be styled to suit most occasions. Their versatility is just incredible. They look excellent with both sleek outfits and streetwear. Other than offering you the opportunity to rock it on different times, there are several ways you can wear your beanie to bring out a whole different effect. 

Beanies come in different colors, but gray and navy blue are the ultimate deal. If you want to add more life to your beanie game, go for ones with a propeller on top. They give a more playful and outgoing look. 

3. Baseball hats

The list of men’s trendy hats would never be complete without baseball hats. They are considered to be a staple in men’s attire in America. The variations of baseball hats make them an even more exciting accessory to explore. The most loved variations are snapbacks and dad hats. They come in different designs such as constructed, unconstructed and the 5-panel and 6-panel. The caps are an easy way to upgrade your casual or sporty look. Sporty wear may look basic, but with baseball hats, you are sure that you will be a trendsetter. Other than looking stylish, you are sure to protect your face from the scorching sun rays.

If you would love to look simple yet elegant, be sure to throw on a baseball hat when you are outdoors. They are not sophisticated, but they will get girls looking your way admiringly. These stylish accessories have undergone the tremendous stages of fashion evolution. They have managed to stick to the scene from the 70s and they show no signs of retiring.

4. Berets

Berets scream two things: power and confidence. You sure will spot them among bold and fashion-enthusiastic people. Berets are quite versatile headwear. They can be styled in many different ways. With the styling of berets, there is only one limitation; keep your hair as low as possible. Berets do not work well with high hairstyles. One thing you will love about berets is how they add life to an outfit. A brightly colored beret is a sure way to brighten up a dull monochrome outfit. 

Another thing you will love about these French-inspired caps is that they let you show off your hair. Well, they may not go well with long hair but they can allow you to show off your mane under the berets.

There are many different ways of wearing berets, but the one we love most is tilting the beret on one side, and pulling the edge slightly towards one of your eyebrows. 

5. Bucket hat

The bucket hat was fashionable in the 80s hip hop scene. They remained somewhat famous in the early 90s. They are, however, back and bigger than never before. The current popularity of this hat is still attributed to the rap scene. Bucket hat gives life to any casual and streetwear. They are unique and wearing them spells confidence and boldness. You are not only setting a trendy fashion statement, but they will protect you from the fierce sun rays during summer. 

The best thing about bucket hat is the life they come with. A lot of them come in colorful tones and themes. For livelier statements, you may want to go with the brighter bucket hat. They make your fashion style look a little more fun and playful. If you would love to remain conservative, be sure to stick with a neutrally-toned bucket hat.

11 Trendy Men's Hat styles you should know about

6. Newsboy cap

This trendy hat is a sweetheart to many, thanks to its versatility. You can rock it with casual, semi-casual and official wear. They also come in different materials such as wool and leather. The newsboy hats are so stylish and bold; you will mostly spot them with celebrities that are considered to be fashion icons. Leonardo DiCaprio is spotted wearing hats several in casual settings such as bike riding. These newsboy hats are also a favorite for Idris Elba and Brad Pitt. You will never go wrong with trends set by such icons. 

 Another thing that you would love with newsboy hats is that they will enable you to pull off a classic and vintage look. If you want to look like the 80s, a newsboy hat is a perfect accessory to pull off your style. While not everybody dares to rock the newsboy hats, if you opt for this trend, you will have heads turning. 

7. Panama Hats

The best aspect of Panama hat is that you can wear them with anything in your closet. They are not limiting. They would look great on a suit or formal wear and you will be the trendsetter at your office. Besides, they will look equally great when paired with any casual wear. Panama hats are also a stylish way to protect your face from the sun rays while at the beach. They are a sure way to take a basic outfit to bold and sophisticated in your summer and spring outfits. 

Panama hats exude power and class. Some of the power faces in history can be seen pairing Panama hats with suits, and they look elegant. Winston Churchill is one of the people attributed for making Panama hats popular. 

A lot of people conclude that the origin of Panama hats is Panama, but they are initially from Ecuador. Panamas were a trend in the 1950s when almost all men had Panama hats in their wardrobes. After the 60s, they were literally on their death bed. Fortunately, men realized how Panama hats are excellent in creating statements. Thanks to their resilience, these hats never left the fashion scene to date.

There are a lot of people who confuse Panama hats and fedora hats. Well, let’s set the records straight once and for all. A traditional Panama has a dent at the center of its crown and a pinched front. Besides, they are made from creamy toquilla style. 

8. Visors 

Visors are a stylish way to look stylish in a casual setting. They were once reserved for the games. Tennis players first popularized them. They have, however, come to hit the casual and sporty fashion scene. They would work wonders for golfing as well as leisure stroll to the park. 

If you are looking to stand out, yet protect yourself from the sun rays, try out visors. They sure will not disappoint you.

As you make your pick, be advised there are two types of visors: fabric and plastic visors. Fabric visors tend to be long-lasting and more effective than plastic visors. 

9. Cowboy hats 

Cowboy hats were once considered to be grandpa staple accessories, but that is all long gone. What is a country music or event outfit without a cowboy hat? The cowboy hats were also a fashionable accessory for horse riders. The trend has now broken its initial barriers and is often spotted in the streets. The vast and curved brim of cowboy hats is a sure way to protect you from the sun rays. 

These hats work well on country outfits. For a more country-inspired look, throw in country boots to finish up the look. You can also rock your cowboy hat to the streets. They work perfectly well with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. You will also realize that a lot of people would not rock cowboy hats because they require the boldness and confidence to have them on. Hopefully, you can muster that kind of courage and rock cowboy hats like an icon.

11 Trendy Men's Hat Styles You Should Know About

10. Bowlers

These hard felt hats, with a circular crown, are associated with the rich businessmen of the 1800s. The caps have a circular brim, usually between 2-3 inches wide. Today, they are an accessory popular with the working people. They are often paired well with a suit, and sometimes semi-casual wear. They are ideal to compliment an outfit that involves a leather jacket. 

Bowlers are an ideal choice for people who would not be tickled by wide-brimmed hats such as cowboys and fedoras. The wide brims may result in a lot of attention. If you are not about to have all the focus on you, you may want to go with bowlers. They are simple yet elegant. Just so you know, bowlers are also known as derby in the United States. 

11. Boater/ straw hats

Boater hats are worn formally or semi-formally by men during summer. They were a staple in the 19th century and later in the early 20th century. They quickly got out of the fashion scene until their re-emergence in around 2010. Their reemergence is attributed to women, but they are equally trendy in the men’s fashion scene. 

These straw hats are made of stiff straw material. They have a stiff crown with a flat top. A colorful ribbon is often wrapped around the joint of the crown and the brim. The ribbon is removable in some instances.

These hats were initially designed to be beach hats. However, seeing their suitability in the corporate world, men are often spotted wearing them with suits and on the streets. This is a trend that you would love to embrace for its sheer stunning nature. 

11 Trendy Men's Hat Styles You Should Know About


Final thoughts

While the shoe you wear as a man says a lot about your fashion style, you can throw in some spice with your hats styles. Borrow one or two trendy hat styles discussed in this post and you are bound to be a fashion great. We hope that we just made your hat collection richer with the style suggestions here. Pick any hat style and you will thank us later when you get all the girls looking your way with admiration.