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shape your beret the right way

Here’s How to Shape a Beret The Right Way

Berets are probably the most common hats and ones that are well established across the world. From law enforcement to different organizations, there are thousands of beret styles all of which depend on the years of tradition and years of wearing the same hat. What is interesting about the beret in contrast to any other hat style is that berets are very versatile and often don’t come pre-shaped. Of course, there are pre-shaped berets but generally speaking, most of them need a few touch-ups in order to look sharp and the way they should.

So, since now we know that you need to shape your beret the right way in order for it to look good, in this article we’ll talk about different beret-wearing styles/methods. We’ll see why berets are so good and why most military-related organizations pick them as part of their soldier’s look.

What you also need to know is that beret has a lot of history in it. They became widely popularized in the 19th century in Spain and France. Ever since then, the beret has become a must-have piece of wardrobe for almost any soldier.  

Berets are often made from soft materials like felt and therefore they can get dirty pretty easily. But, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them. In fact, the beret is one of the most lastings hats out there. Soldiers wear it in war, in the mud, and during the crossfire. So you can imagine how strong and long-lasting this hat is. In the lines below, we’ll see what are the best ways to wear a beret, clean it and shape it the right way. 

Knowing How To Wear Your Beret

First thing first, you need to know if you’re wearing a beret as a part of the dress code or uniform, or just as a fashion statement that describes you. In most cases, the beret is a part of a uniform. Therefore, every single soldier or member of the organization needs to wear it the same way. In most cases, this means that you wear it in such a way that the brim is straight across your forehead. Some organizations, such as the US Army, require that edges sit exactly one inch above your eyebrows. 

Now, you can be sure that when you place the beret on your head, there will be some excess material. This is exactly why a beret almost always needs to be shaped and in most cases, it won’t be preshaped. Usually, the excess material is folded and draped towards the right side. 

If you’re wearing your beret for fashion, there really isn’t an exact way you need to wear it. You have all freedom and there really isn’t a limitation to this matter. Usually, people wear it so that the hat is tilted diagonally to the one side. If you wear the beret for pure fashion, it doesn’t need any touch-ups. Leave it as it is and don’t mind the excess material.

If you aren’t wearing your beret for fashion reasons, then you need to look for your hairstyle as well. Especially women. Some hairstyles like a bun can damage the shape of the hat. You should let your hair fall freely underneath the beret. Some organizations also have a rule that the beret you’re wearing needs to have the same color as the color of your hair. 

Shaping The Beret

When it comes to shaping the beret, there are some tricks you should utilize in order to pull out the best look. First of all, what you need to know is that any new beret has an inside lining. What you need to do now is very delicate. Basically, you need to cut this inner lining so that the beret snugs your head perfectly. It shouldn’t be too tight but it shouldn’t be too loose at the same time. You also need to be careful that you don’t damage the outer fuzzy layer of the beret. This inside lining is the main part of every single beret and its purpose is to protect the hat from possible damage before the owner starts wearing it. We said that this hat has top quality and we meant it. Also, this lining is there to provide the best possible fit for the owner. Based on their head size and feel, every beret is an individual piece of art that will fit perfectly on only one person. How about that?

The next step is to remove any fuzz that might be present on the beret. How to do this? Well, it might sound silly, but believe us, using a disposable razor is the most effective way. Just run the razor in a single direction over the surface of your beret. Be sure that you don’t do this more times over the same spot as the razor can damage it. 

Another way to get rid of the fuzz is to use a lighter. Hold the lighter in place with one hand and take the beret with the other. With moderate speed, run your beret over the flame but be careful that you don’t leave it too much on the open flame. You don’t need to do this over the whole beret, just do it over the parts where the fuzz is visible. 

Lastly, if the fuzz on the beret is big and visible, you can use clippers to clip it down. Imagine like you are clipping hair – repeat the same motion here and what you should have is a fuzz-free beret.

Now that the beret is clean from the fuzz, the next step is to shape it. The right way you can do this is with the help of hot water. Soak the beret in hot water. Keep in mind that hot water will make your beret shrink a bit so if your hat is large then soaking it is a good idea. If your beret has a tighter fit, avoid hot water and just use regular tap water. 

When you soaked the beret, squeeze out the extra fluid. How to know that the beret is soaked enough? Well, when you twist it, the water shouldn’t be dripping. That’s a good sign. Now that your beret is in a perfect state for shaping, place it on your head. With your hands, pull the sides of the beret in order to sit properly. Adjust the surface of the beret the way you want it. When you’re done, leave it to dry. After one day, the beret will be ready for wearing and in most cases, it will have the shape you created. 

With good maintenance of the hat itself, your beret can last forever. There are some known cases of 100+-year-old berets. This type of hat is good to have as it’s going to be your lifelong partner and as a plus, you’ll look pretty cool with it. It’s an unusual hat to own and most people aren’t even aware of it and if they know about it, they think it’s solely a soldier hat. Show them they are wrong and stand out from the crowd.

If you just bought your beret and want to make sure you shape it the right way, then follow the instructions in this article. If you’ve done everything correctly, your beret should have a clean and sharp look and it should be sturdy as well. Berets are quality accessories to have and you should treat them with respect. With the correct shape, every single beret can look better than basically any other hat. 

A disclaimer though – A beret is hard to mix up with other parts of the wardrobe. It’s not like it’s similar to a baseball cap so you can wear it everywhere. Beret has style to it (baseball cap has it as well) and you should wear it like that. Think about a suit paired with a nice white shirt.

how to reshape a hat with ease

6 Ways to Reshape a Hat with Ease

Has your favorite hat been squashed out of shape? Did you accidentally sit on your hat or found it flattened at the bottom of your suitcase? Do you think that hat of yours looks like it’s done for and lost forever? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re probably trying to figure out how to reshape your hat. 

It’s always disheartening to realize you can’t wear your favorite hat because it’s out of shape. Whether your hat has gotten out of whack through regular wear, an accident, or poor storage, don’t give up hope yet! 

We’ve put together the following information to help you reshape your hat, whether it’s a bucket hat, dad cap, panel hat, trucker hat, or snapback. By following these basic guidelines, you’ll be able to reshape that hat so you can wear it again. 

Why Reshape A Hat?

The chances are good that your misshapen hat was special to you. Maybe it has a patch on it that depicts something that has meaning to you like a catchy phrase, your company name, or your all-time favorite sports team. It’s also likely that you made some amazing memories while wearing that hat. It would be a shame to simply toss your hat in the trash when you could save it!

Even if you’ve lost all hope that your crushed, dented, or squashed hat can be reshaped, don’t give up yet! There are a few effective methods to try that can get you wearing that hat again! Start with the first method below. If that doesn’t work, move onto the next method and so on. The chances are great that you’ll be able to reshape your hat and get it back on your head where it belongs! Ready, let’s go! 

1. Hat Reshaping Using a Tea Kettle

To use this method for reshaping a hat, you’ll need a tea kettle. Your favorite tea kettle can do more than just make an amazing cup of tea. Since it produces a whole lot of steam, it can be used to iron out wrinkled items and to reshape hats. If you don’t have a tea kettle, don’t worry! You can still use this method by filling a regular cooking pot with water and heating it up until it produces lots of hot steam. 

Before you do anything with hot steam, remember that you can become seriously burned if you’re not careful. Be sure to keep your hands and face at least eight inches away from the spout. It’s a good idea to wear gloves when using this method. 

Fill your kettle with water and put it on the stove until it’s producing lots of hot steam. 

Place your misshapen hat in the path of the steam so it permeates the inside and outside. The steam will quickly make your hat warm and soft. This is when you can start reshaping your hat with your hands. Just knead the hat with your hands and fingers to shape the crown and brim into the correct positions.

When it feels like your hat is getting too much moisture, take a break. Allow your hat to sit and dry for a while before continuing the process. You simply cannot reshape an overly moist hat so have patience! 

Repeat the whole process a few times if necessary. Work methodically to ensure your hat is reshaped as you prefer it to be. This steam method works very well for all types of ‘baseball caps’ like snapbacks, 5-panel hats, 6-panel hats, dad caps, etc. 

2. Reshape a Hat in the Hot Shower 

This method can be done while you’re in the shower, or you can do it at any time. All you need to do to reshape a hat in your shower is this: Turn on your shower to the hottest setting and shut the door. Hang your hat away from the water’s steam. A good place to hang your hat in the back of the shower door or on a hook. 

Leave your hat in the running shower so the hot steam permeates the material. It shouldn’t take more than ten or fifteen minutes to accomplish this. Now turn the shower off, remove your hat, and get busy reshaping it.

If your hat was flattened or crushed, use your hands and fingers to put it back in shape, starting with the brim. Work your way around the hat. Once you’re satisfied your hat looks great again,  set it on a clean dry towel and allow it to air dry. 

Don’t put your damp heat in the clothes dryer, no matter what! If you were to toss your hat in the dryer, it will most likely shrink and get all scrunched up and out of shape. 

3. The Clothes Steamer Method for Reshaping a Hat 

Do you have one of those handy clothes steamers you take along when you travel? If so, you already know that that hand-held steamer works like magic to remove wrinkles from shirts, ties, and pants. You can also use your clothes steamer to reshape a hat. 

This method is straight-forward. Fill the clothes steamer with distilled water. Then plug it in and put it on the hottest setting. Take your hat in one hand and use your other hand to hold the steamer. Direct the stream of steam on your hat, starting with the brim. Slowly steam the entire hat for a minute or two. Then turn the steamer off and set it down. Using two hands, gently reshape your hat.

If you need more steam to get the job done, repeat the entire process. Depending on how badly misshapen your hat is, this method can take a while to be effective. Be patient and work on your hat until it’s back in shape and ready to wear. 

If this method didn’t work, don’t give up yet! We’ve got more ways for you to reshape your hat so keep reading! 

4. Spray Bottle Method for Reshaping a Hat 

This is a very simple way to reshape and stretch a hat that doesn’t fit right. This method isn’t the best to use for a badly scrunched or flattened hat. However, if you need to make a new hat fit more comfortably by stretching it out a bit, give this method a try!

Fill a spray bottle with water. Take your hat in one hand and lightly spray your hat with the spray bottle with the other hand. Pay particular attention to the headband inside your hat. Once your hat is moisturized, put down the spray bottle. Then take your hairdryer to partially dry the hat. Use a medium or high setting but don’t hold the dryer too close to the hat. Your goal should be to get your hat part-way dry so you can wear it. 

When you’re done with the hairdryer, put your hat on your head and wear it all day. As your hat dries, it will form correctly to the shape of your head. That’s it! This method works very well if done correctly so give it a try to make your hat fit like a glove!

5. Reshape a Hat by Stuffing it with Tissue Paper

This method works best for a slightly misshapen hat, particularly if the crown is the main problem. This method is perfect for hats made of leather, suede, or felt which are all materials that can be damaged by water. 

The first thing to do is push out any indented areas on the crown of the hat. If the brim is out of shape, use your fingers to reshape it. Now take a bunch of tissue paper and stuff it inside the entire hat. Make sure the tissue paper is firmly in place so there aren’t any visible gaps showing. 

When you’re satisfied you’ve stuffed the hat well, put it in a cool dry place and let it sit for an entire day. Check the hat after 24 hours to see if it’s back in shape by removing all the tissue paper. Put the hat on your head to make sure it fits correctly. If need be, you can repeat this process and leave the hat alone for a few days. 

6. Use a Ball to Reshape a Hat 

This method may sound odd, but it works! You can get a misshapen hat back in shape again using a ball that’s roughly the same size as your head. If you’ve got an average-sized head, a youth-size soccer ball should be just right.

The first thing to do is to wet the hat with water by spraying it with a spray bottle. Then put your hat on the ball. Be sure it’s pulled down tight over and around the ball. Now put the ball in front of a heat source like a radiator or space heater. Let it dry naturally. Just be sure to use caution and don’t leave the ball unattended! When the hat is completely dry, it should slip right off the ball and be restored like new. 


When you first set out to reshape a hat, it takes a little effort. However, it’s entirely possible to get a hat back in shape so it’s comfortable to wear and good looking once again. Once your hat is reshaped, take good care of it so it doesn’t happen again. When you properly tend to your hat, it will last a long time and fit comfortably. Hats off to you if you’ve reshaped your hat! 

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