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Here’s How to Fix Your Hat’s Broken Brim With Ease

Hats, like virtually any other thing, break down. Although they aren’t like cars and if you want to repair them it won’t cost too much, hats can be damaged as well. One of the most common damages you can see on a regular hat is a broken brim. Basically, every single hat has a brim (it wouldn’t be a hat if it doesn’t have one, right?) and therefore, most of the damage can occur on this part of the hat.

Brims are usually what make one hat a hat. It serves as a protective visor which makes sunlight bounce off your hat. Therefore, it’s the most important part of the hat. Because of its purpose, brims usually stick out from the rest of the hat. Think of a bird’s beak. It sticks out, right? The same goes for the brim. And, in most cases, the brim is made from a harder material than the rest of the hat. This is because brim needs to be sturdy and serve its purpose. If it isn’t sturdy and if it doesn’t stay in the same shape that it’s meant to be, then it basically loses its functionality. 

But, even though brims are, like we said, made from hard materials and are sturdy, they can be damaged nevertheless. In this article, we’ll cover various types of damage that can happen to your hats beloved brim. Also, we’ll see what are the best ways in which you can save your hat from going to the bin and use it a couple more times. 

Misshapen Brim

One of the most common issues which can happen to a brim is that it loses its original shape or form. If that’s the case, your hat would look silly and kind of out of proportion. So, you need to fix it. And to be honest, in most cases, this is very easy. In most cases, brim loses its original shape because it stayed in an unnatural position for a long time. Something like this could happen if you just toss your hat somewhere and then place a ton of other things on top of it. The weight of those things could bend the brim and after some time when you wish to wear your hat again, there will be an unpleasant surprise waiting for you. 

But, don’t worry, there’s a way to fix this. In most cases, the solution to this issue is similar to the way the issue was caused in the first place. To return the brim to its original shape you need to apply force in a reverse manner. So, place your hands so that when pushing your brim, you return it to the original form. It sounds simple and it really is. Squeeze the brim until it looks as you want it and has a normal shape to it. Be careful not to apply too much pressure though, as you can misshape it even more. 

Another way you can do this is to use a rubber band. Wrap the band tightly around the brim and let it rest for a couple of days. After the brim should return to its original shape and your problem will be solved. 

Another, not so much used method is to place your hat in something oval, like a mug. We don’t recommend this one as you really need to squeeze the hat inside and therefore damage it. But, if done correctly, the shape of the mug will return the brim in its original shape. 

Damaged Edge

Another sensitive part of the hat is the edge of the brim. It can get worn off and damaged with time and therefore, the hat which may be new could look all worn and old. Which can sometimes be a look you may not want. To make your brim’s edge look as new, all you need is a lighter and a pair of scissors. Simply trim any loose ends from fabric that might hang around from the edge and for more persistent ones, use a lighter. 

Also, if the color is worn off, you can use a marker to just color that part of the edge. It might sound a bit crazy, but we guarantee that no one will notice it from a distance. And, since we do all this just to prolong the life of our hat, we think that it’s worth it.

Take Care of Brim

In the end, we hope that you now know how to fix the most common type of damage which could occur on your brim. But, we have one more thing to say. Take care of your hat. If you look for it, your brim will stay intact and you won’t need any of these tips, ever. But, if you are sloppy with your hat, throw it and forget where it landed, then some damage might occur. So, keep in mind that you are the sole reason if any damage occurs. 

Old & New School: Rounded VS Square Brims

Old & New School: Round VS Square Hat Brim

There is a very serious difference between being old school and abiding by the new trends. This can make or break your whole style. Because of this, you need to know the current and the old fashion trends, so you can follow them and put your whole outfit together in a certain way.

This, of course, goes for your hat as well. After all, you can’t just wear something that goes against your whole style, even though it’s only a small part of your outfit.

Round Brims

This is the old school style. Think about all the hat styles that have round brims. Ascot caps, boaters, baseball caps. But most importantly captains (otherwise known as Pilgrim hats). What to these make you think of? Old times, yes. Really old times, some of these date back to the 1600s. But even then, fashion was a thing and hats had a huge role to play in that. Because of this, there are a lot of round brimmed hats. Plenty to choose from.

But one thing you must not forget is that you can still rock this style. It’s not dated, you can still look amazing, even if the fashion you are wearing is a bit old. The only thing you need to do is match the rest of your outfit to your hat. That is literally it, that simple.

Old school is still a relevant style. You just need to know how to use it.

Square Brims

You have guessed it, this is the new school style. Square brims are a bit more “rebellious” and have a little bit of edge to them. Exactly what we think of the younger generations too. Well, at least millennials and Gen Z. But really, these two qualities are what we associate with today’s youth. They are not exactly good, but sure they are interesting and exciting.

Which is exactly what modern styles are about. There are certain keywords that stick with today’s fashion. Like edgy, freedom and youth. These appeal to us for some reason and some hats can give these exact vibes. Like snapbacks, for example.

But once again, you need to build your whole outfit in a modern style. It needs to represent all those keywords and all those feelings that arise while wearing those specific clothes. Unfortunately, you don’t have many choices. There are very few hat styles that have square brims and actually look good.

Therefore, you need to look around a lot. You need to visit a lot of shops and online stores to find the exact styles that you like and that will actually fit you. Both appearance-wise and outfit wise.



You need to learn what your style is. Is it old school? Is it new? Either way, you need to address it and find a way to dress in a way to represent it. And as always, a hat is a huge part of it.

Which style do you like more? Old or new school? Tell us down in the comments below!