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Trendy Hat Guide: Girls & Snapbacks

Trendy Hat Guide: The Best Snapback for Girl

Hey ladies and girls! We all love to be trendy, and it matters a lot what is on our heads. It could be a new hairstyle you saw on vogue, or it could be a cap. Talking of caps, snapbacks are a big thing right now. But, as we all know, they are mostly geared towards styling men. Honestly, it is never easy to accessorize with any hat, leave alone snapbacks, as a girl.

This article is about breaking those gender barriers and making snapback hats your fashion revolution. We are talking about learning how to accessorize snapback hats like A-list celebrities. We will tell you how to wear these hats with any kind of hair and pull different looks for an array of occasions.

Are you ready to be the hot hat trendsetter in your girls’ group? You are only a step away. Keep reading.

Quick tips for choosing snapback caps for girls

Before we get to how to wear your caps, let’s give you a few highlights on how to choose the right snapback cap for you.

  • Settle for snapback colors that compliment your outfit. The rule of the thumb is to choose caps in secondary colors to your clothes.
  • Be thoughtful of the occasion
  • Experiment with a few styles before you make your final decision
  • Steer away from overdoing anything. Simplicity will always win the day.

With these tips in mind, make sure to check out our latest collection of snapback hats.

How to wear snapbacks for girls

One thing that adds a twist to girls wearing snapbacks is their hair. The hat should not ruin your hair looks, but instead, make them look fabulous. So, how do you wear your snapback as a girl and not compromise your fashion sense? We have some suggestions that you are going to love.

Wearing snapback with short hair

Is your hair a bob or pixie cut? Either way, you can rock a snapback and be the envy of every girl. Wear your cap facing backward and let your hair free on the sides and the back. Keep the snapback color on the not-so-bright side.

Wearing snapback on braids

If you cannot have enough of fishtail braids, there is a way to wear them with a snapback. Allow your braids to fall over one of your shoulders and wear the hat facing forwards. Let the brim cover the top part of your forehead. You will be stunningly beautiful.

Ponytail with a snapback

Girls cannot shake off their appetite for ponytails. Luckily, snapbacks are easily compatible with ponytails. Tie your tail and pass it through the snap window at the back. Leave some hair free on the sides of your face. Nobody can beat that sexy look.

Hijab and snapbacks

If you didn’t know, snapbacks and Hijabs have a thing for each other. You can pull off a stunning appearance if you pair the two correctly. Wear the hat facing forward and rest it slightly over the top of your Hijab. Look yourself in the mirror and you will fall in love with what you see.

Long, straight hair with snapbacks

If your hair is smooth and silky, it will give you a hard day trying to bind it. Don’t bother with that. Leave your hair free all the way down. If you have to, create a messy bun for that bad girl impression. Crown it with your snapback facing to the front.

Afro with a snapback

Afro hair can easily spin out of your control. Don’t try to tame it because you will spoil the fun. Leave it as wild as it can possibly be. Put a snapback on the top and leave a lot of your hair free on the sides. That tough girl look will leave everyone admiring your style.

Snapbacks with dreadlocks

Are you a girl with dreadlocks? Let no one lie to you that you cannot style it with a snapback. You can wear your hat facing forward or back and look like a diva. Keep locks straight and clean.

Snapback casual look

Simple girls do not want to spend a lot of time with makeup. If you are that kind of girl, snapbacks are your thing. Put on your simple outfit; a pair of tight jeans and a tee would be perfect. Cover your hair with a dark color snapback and finish off your look with a pair of sunglasses.



If you are a girl that loves to look classy and sexy, you definitely should have one or two snapbacks in your closet. They are easy to accessorize and can go with any casual outfit. Now that this post has lived up to its promise of guiding you into how to wear your snapback for a trendy look; the ball is yours now. Pull off those stunning casual looks and make every girl want to be your friend.

Still interested in reading more about snapbacks? We got you covered! Check out out definitive guide to snapback hats.

Definitive Guide to Snapback Hats

Definitive Guide to Snapback Hats & Everything You Need To Know

The snapback cap is on a resurgence. Not that it went away completely, but there is renewed fashion energy around snapback hats. While in the 90s snapbacks were madly in love with oversized tees and baggy jeans, today you can accessorize them with almost any outfit. You only need to know how to wear it like a pro. That is not going to be a problem anymore. This article will guide you into everything you would want to know about wearing snapbacks. It will share different looks plus the dos and don’ts about snapback.

Does this feel like a train you would like to join? Come with us as we add depth to your closet. We promise you are not going to wear your snapbacks the same way after reading this guide to the end.

What is a snapback hat?

A snapback hat takes a lot after the traditional baseball cap. However, the difference between the two comes in the closure system. While traditional baseball caps use the Velcro closure mechanism, snapbacks use a snap enclosure at the back. One perk of the snap system is that you can adjust it for the hat to fit on your head. You will also notice that snapback hats have flat brims.

A brief history of snapbacks

Snapbacks made an entry into the fashion scene way back in the 1950s. It was the American baseball players who brought these arts into mainstream fashion. Originally, the hats were customized into team colors. They were a big hit not only with players but also fans who wanted to identify with their teams.

From the ’60s and onward, there was a slump in the popularity of snapback hats. It was until the 1990s when there was a renewed interest in these caps. They became staple fashion pieces once again. However, they hit a snag towards the end of the century, but they have now come back stronger.

Choosing the right snapback for you

There is no right or wrong way to choose a snapback. Your style and preference will play a big role in what goes on your head. Of course, snapbacks come in a variety of styles and you may find yourself overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. But if you take time, you will definitely find a piece that will work for you. For a sports enthusiast, go for a hat with the team logo.

If you do not like grabbing attention, unbranded caps will do a great job. For those testing the snapback waters for the first time, a simple and classic hat will do the trick. Also, stick to dark colors as you find your style.

How to wear snapbacks

Snapback hats are not just your average caps. They are iconic and worn way up the social ladder. Presidents, celebrities, and who-is-who around the world wear these pieces to rallies, concerts, and casual outings. They are also the ‘it’ thing with the masses. Part of this craziness around snapbacks is because of their diversity. You can wear them with almost anything and pull that unique look that will get you a standing ovation wherever you go.

So, what are the various looks you can pull with a snapback hat?

Casual look

Snapbacks are the perfect pieces for crowning your casual style. Go for a minimalist hat that will not draw a lot of attention. Skip hats with logos and select slightly dark colors. Let the brim face forwards with an upward slant to show a bit of your face. Also, leave some hair showing on the lower section of your head. Get on your casual pants or a pair of shorts and a button-up shirt. Finish off your looks with a pair of laced sneakers. You will be looking like someone coming from a Hollywood movie set.

Classic look

You can wear your snapback hat in a traditional way and go for occasions like night outs and sports. First of all, the brim has to face to the front. Pair it with a tee and your regular jeans. If you are edging towards showing off your hairstyle, leave the brim peaking out a little. You can pair it up with a polo shirt and your favorite pair of chinos for a sporty look.

Remember, the hats you choose for a classic look should be in their natural tones. They can have logos or brand phrases, but do not go for anything that has shouting embellishments. It would be a perfect fit if you find caps with your team name or logo. Even better, you can have your snapback hats customized at Delusion MFG to show your support for your local team.

Urban-hippy look

How you style yourself, says a lot about who you are. The urban hippy style is for those who are bold and with an unshaken attitude. If you fall in this category, a snapback hat is one way to bring out your hip hop look and leave the streets whispering your name.

Put on a casual jacket, baggy jeans, and a colorful t-shirt. You can add a vintage twist to your look with a fading denim jacket. Choose a hat made of rugged fabric. It is also advisable that the hat color be bold and vibrant just like the rest of your outfit. If the weather is fairly bright, throw in a pair of sunglasses. It does not hurt to go for a hat with embellishments like logos and brand names. You will be adding a unique edge to your style.

Wearing your snapback forward vs backward

Snapback versatility also revolves around how you wear it. You can wear it facing forward or backward, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Let’s see how you can get it right with this dualism.

Snapback hat facing forwards

This is the traditional way of wearing a snapback hat. It creates an unrivalled casual look with a cleaner edge. You can pair it up with your hip hop and casual outfits to create street swag. Besides, wearing your snapback facing forwards can also be used to send a bold fashion statement.

Snapback hat facing backward

Before you attempt this one, make sure you are the bold type. It is not easy to accessorize your snapback facing backward. It is easy to look weird with the brim pointing to the back.

Wearing your hat this way goes well with contemporary outfit designs. Besides, you have to keep your style on the casual end. The snap closure should sit high on your forehead and slant towards the back of your head. The brim has to rest over the back of your neck and slightly intersect with your shirt collar.

The don’ts of wearing a snapback hat

Wearing a snapback is not guarded by hard rules. You can wear it to fit your style. However, you do not want to look like something out of a scary movie just because you got it wrong. For that matter, here a few don’ts you should have on top of your mind when you wear snapbacks.

  • Don’t wear it sideways: there was a time when you could wear your snapback facing sideways. It is not that time anymore. You will look dorky. Keep it either forward or backward.
  • Don’t wear to formal settings: while snapbacks are the go-to accessories for relaxed and casual occasions, you should keep off them official events. You will look like you never got the dressing memo.
  • Ponytails are a big no: it is alright to wear a snapback over your long hair, but it is a cardinal sin to tie it into a ponytail. Leave your hair to hang freely on the sides.
  • Don’t curve the brim: it is not a mistake that snapbacks come with a flat brim. Don’t get creative and try to bend the peak. It is a fashion crime that will leave you looking silly.
  • Don’t disrespect your age: well, snapbacks are meant for young heads. If your hair is all grey out of age and you rock a snapback hat, it may not be the best look. Leave these hats to those in their 30s and below. After all, there is so much for you on Delusion MFG.


Final thoughts

We cannot deny that snapbacks are among fashion greats that deserve respect from all quarters. If you do not have one of these pieces in your collection, it is time you do yourself some justice. Now you know everything about wearing snapbacks. Grab your pieces today and leave the street in awe. Your casual look is about to take a turn to stardom and the world better prepare for it. Remember, Delusion MFG has all your hat needs serving to satisfaction under one roof.