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STYR Apparel - Brand Spotlight - image  on https://blog.delusionmfg.com

STYR Apparel – Brand Spotlight

DELUSIONMFG has continued to find ways to truly connect and support all our clients, our next step has been adding the Brand Spotlight to our repertoire.

By recognizing brands that we have worked with, we are able to not only assist in bringing more traffic to their business but also give companies a platform to speak about their brand and experience with us.

This collaborative effort will also assist new or existing companies in receiving insight into the world of custom headwear and how it can positively influence and drive sales and traffic.

All companies were asked a series of questions to gain information about their brand, influences, style, experiences with adding custom headwear, and satisfaction with our company.

This week we are featuring a unique apparel brand based in Hawai’i that focuses it’s attention on being an art movement with designs to inspire others.

STYR (Stick to Your Roots) Apparel

STYR Apparel - Brand Spotlight - image  on https://blog.delusionmfg.com

Tell us a little about your brand (location, type of business, message, what makes you unique, etc.).

STYR (Stick To Your Roots) is based out of Hilo, Hawai’i and features hand drawn art on natural tone clothing! STYR is a conscious movement, one that seeks to inspire creativity and family.

What are some of your influences when creating artwork and branding options? As well as how you create your artwork.

STYR is influenced by natural surroundings, the beauty of Hawai’i and its people has sparked the creative process and allows for drawing designs to be as simple as looking outside.

STYR Apparel - Brand Spotlight - image  on https://blog.delusionmfg.com

What are you most proud of regarding your brand or business, what makes you guys unique?

STYR stands out with it’s hand drawn designs, not edited in post or created digitally, all are fine line pen-work that come from the heart.

What was the main reason you decided to introduce fully custom headwear for your brand?

Delusion MFG promotes customizable headwear, allowing for full artistic vision. From picking the texture, pattern, brim, logo, etc… the product can be crafted to be very high quality!

STYR Apparel - Brand Spotlight - image  on https://blog.delusionmfg.com

What is one of the main reasons that you enjoy working with DELUSION MFG?

Delusion MFG was the first 5 Panel collaboration due to durability, quality, speed of delivery, and cost. Customers have taken product hiking, skiiing, skating and even swimming and hat has survived it all!

STYR Apparel - Brand Spotlight - image  on https://blog.delusionmfg.com

In closing, where can customers interact with you online and follow your brand & business as you continue to grow!

Feel free to visit our website where you can learn some more about us at:

STYR Apparel

We are also very active on our social media accounts as well, feel free to give us a follow!

Instagram: @styr_apparel

We hope you enjoyed a brief background on STYR Apparel who continue to raise the bar with unique and thoughtful designs.

DELUSIONMFG will continue to help promote and market others, as building these strong relationships before, during and after producing a product is such an important aspect of our company.

If you are interested in being featured, feel free to comment or shoot us an email. We are working on having an automated form for all interested to make this process even easier!

Make sure to explore our blog for more Brand Spotlight posts and also a collection of post pertaining to anything from creating, growing and maintaining your custom merchandise.

Delusion MFG was built on the foundation of small business and working with brands who are looking for unique ways to show, grow & merchandise their brands! Here is our bi-weekly Brand Spotlight that gives industry insight into why brands choose custom headwear as a branding avenue & when they choose to work with Delusion MFG for all their custom headwear needs!