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Difference Between Beanies and Toques

The Difference Between Beanies and Toques

These two hat styles are very similar, but they still have a couple of differences. But these will still determine whether a beanie or a toque is right for you, as these small distinctions are the core of it all.

So, to guide yourself in the right direction in terms of fashion, you first need to learn the difference, otherwise, you won’t even know where to start.

What is a Toque?

By definition, it’s any kind of hat that doesn’t have a brim. This means that beanies, berets and even chullos are part of this. The definition itself is very broad, thus it’s not an exact hat style. Instead, it is more like a category that you can put other styles into. You can view the word “toque” the same as “brimless”. Because there is absolutely zero difference between them.

But if you are from Canada, then you are likely questioning what we are currently talking about. Rightfully so, there is a very distinct difference between how nations call certain things and the same goes for hats as well. For example, in Canada, they use the word “toque” for what people in the US know as a “beanie”.

So it really depends on where you are from.

What is a Beanie?

The definition says that a beanie is a small, close-fitted hat worn on the back of the head. If we take current trends into account then we can also add that it’s worn in a way so there is a lot of excess material on the top that is usually just pushed down and hangs around.

A beanie is a very specific hat style and everyone knows what you are talking about if you say this word. Therefore, we can surely say that a beanie and a toque are most definitely not the same.

What is the difference?

It is very clear that “toque” and “beanie” do not mean the same thing. Instead, a beanie can be categorized as a toque. After all, it is a hat with no brim, thus it fits the definition.

But besides that, if it’s a Canadian and an American person talking about then beanies and toques are likely trying to say the same thing. Just keep in mind that the difference between the slang of languages can create some confusion and you will be just fine.

So, a beanie is either a toque or there is no difference between the two. You can differentiate between these instances by looking at where the talking people are from.



Knowing hat terms is important when you want to be knowledgeable in fashion. It can be used to show off in front of your friends or to simply navigate yourself in stores. The latter is great if you are shopping online because it’s easier to find what you want if you can use the exact terms.

Did you know about this difference? Or did it surprise you? Tell us down in the comments below!