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What is an Unconstructed Hat?

What is an Unconstructed Hat? Everything You Need To Know

A lot of hat lovers would go shopping, and hear the words ‘constructed’ and ‘unconstructed’ hats. What goes through their mind is, what is an unconstructed hat supposed to be? As a hat lover, you need to understand these terms to make your shopping easier and more comfortable. You also want to have an easier time ordering your hats online. You do not want to end up with something you did not desire. If you are a little in the dark about unconstructed hats, this article is for you. If you would love to spot an unconstructed hat from first sight, keep reading this article to the end. 

Unconstructed hats: what are they?

Unconstructed hats are also called unstructured hats. These hats do not have a rigid crown. The crown is floppy when not worn. The cap will take the shape of your head when you wear it. They are floppy because they are not stuffed with buckram. Buckram is a coarse cotton fabric or plain weave linen that is used to give shape to constructed hats. The buckram makes the hat stiff and sturdy. The head of the wearer fits in well. Unconstructed hat lacks the rigidness because their crowns are not fitted with buckram.

Additional ways to spot unconstructed hats

Do you have a cap that you can’t seem to figure out whether it’s constructed or unconstructed? Well, take the hat and wear it. Look at the shape the hat takes on the mirror. Remove the cap and place it on a flat surface, say a dressing table. If the form does not look the same as what you saw in the mirror, that’s an unconstructed hat. 

The height and the profile of the hat are also crucial in determining whether a cap is unconstructed or not. A lot of high profile hats are usually constructed. Tall crowns need support to be able to stand. Those tall structured hats, typical with security uniforms, are not unconstructed. 

Why should you go for unconstructed hats? 

Unconstructed hats are superb for any casual occasion. The rigidness of constructed hats will always bring out a more formal look. If you want to pull together a streetwise or casual look, go for unconstructed hats. 

Unconstructed hats are easy to store. You can quickly pile and store them in a drawer. They won’t take up much space. If you love to keep your closet neat, unconstructed hats will do you a great favor. They do not take up much space. Go for them if you have minimal space in your closet.



If you didn’t know what unconstructed hats are, now you do. The difference is not so conspicuous, especially if the hat is worn. This is why you need to be keen while trying to identify an unconstructed cap. With this vivid description of unconstructed hats, we believe that you can spot one without any difficulty. It is not a difficult task to differentiate them from the constructed cap. Follow the tips we have shared above to help you shop for your hats without making any confusion. We hope that we have been of help to your choice of hats.