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8 Stylish Ways to Wear a Beanie

8 Most Stylish Ways to Wear a Beanie: Guide

A beanie is an accessory you can use to fight the cold, or upgrade your street style. They are versatile accessories that can be styled differently and worn on different occasions. You can wear it differently, to bring out a different style or personality. Learning the art of styling your beanie will have you setting trends and looking stylish. If you are looking for ways that to upgrade your beanie game during winter or for street style, worry not. This article gives you the most stylish ways to wear your beanie. Let’s get going.

1. The standard beanie style

The usual beanie style is the best when it comes to keeping you warm. This style is more prevalent during the cold winter mornings. It is an excellent way to look stylish and keep necks turning wherever you go. To bring out the best of this style, do not cuff your beanie. Pull the edges to rest slightly above your eyebrows. This style covers your ears, protecting them from the cold. You also need to push your bangs beneath the beanie. It works best if long hair is left with its free flow. Trying to tuck long hair in would cause unsightly bumps, and you sure don’t want that happening.

 2. Rolled up cuff

There are two types of rolled cuffs. You can roll up the brim once or twice and achieve a single-cuff or the double-cuff, depending on the style you want to explore, and the weather. Go with a single roll in a slightly cold environment. Go with a double-roll in freezing weather

Rolling the cuffs of the beanie is a stylish way to keep your ears warmer. The layers of the brim cover your ears. With this style, the beanie covers your ears, neck, and forehead. Try out this style when you are planning to go out in the cold for longer hours. This would also be your go-to style if you would love to free your bangs. This way, you can keep warm, show off your bangs, and stay stylish. You can also let your hair flow out of the beanie, or conceal it in the beanie. Choose what to do with your hair, depending on what style you want to pull out. 

3. Straight-up high-head beanie

This is one best ways to style your beanie on warmer days. It would be a little ridiculous to go with this style on frigid days. This style works perfectly with either revealed or hidden hair. Both women and men can pull this one off, but it looks more stylish on men. Wear your beanie high on the head. Adjust it so that the center of the beanie is standing straight. It looks better if you let it stay rounded and straight all through. Alternatively, you can make the center lay back a little. 

 This is a perfect style if you would love to leave some hair out. It is also your all-time style if you want to look a little dramatic. For a more out-of-the-box effect, choose a beanie that contrasts with your hair color. 

4. Rolled-up back

This is a unique way of styling your beanie. It is ideal for you if you would love to play around with style. To accurately capture this style, you need to roll-up the back of your beanie once and leave the front of the beanie unrolled. You can pull the front brim up to your mid-forehead. This is your best way to show off the curls of your hair. The cuffed behind will leave your hair well-exposed, giving it the glory it deserves. 

Other than letting your hair curls free, this style is also ideal for the cold weather. It covers the ears and enables your hair to cover your neck, protecting it from freezing. 

5. The slouch 

This is a simple laidback style that you can try on a relaxed occasion. Take your beanie, wear it normally. Pull the edges of the beanie up to your mid-forehead. Take the center of your beanie and pull it. Let it slouch at the back. You can rock this style during school or one of those freestyle occasions.

6. Oversized beanies for curly hair

Curly hair usually creates bumps on the beanie surface. This appearance can be annoying. If your curly hair wouldn’t stay flat in a beanie, you may want to go with a baggy beanie. There are several styles you can pull together with your baggie beanie. The best technique would be creating a slouched behind. This way, you will be able to look stylish but still be able to conceal the bumps caused by the curly hair. 

7. Beanies over a ponytail

Having your hair all over the place can be a little annoying. You do not want your hair all over the place, especially when you are working out. You can put your hair in a low ponytail and wear your beanie straight up. It is a simple style, but you will be stunning with it.

8. Sweep your bangs to your sides

 Bangs are assets that look fantastic. If you do not want to conceal them, this style is for you. After, what is the meaning of having bangs if you can’t show them off? With this style, you will be able to get the bangs off your face, while still managing to show them off. Sweep the bangs to the side of your face, and tuck their edges in the brim of the beanie. This way, you will stay stylish, keep bangs off your face, but still be the beauty you aspire to be. 



A beanie is a must-have accessory for your winter and street wardrobe. However, the way to style your beanie creates a whole different style and impression. Learn how to style your beanie depending on the occasion, weather, and the style you wish to pull off. The above ways of designing a beanie are stylish and classy. Pull them off with the right outfit, and have people envying your beanie style. Fortunately, beanies are quite liberal. You can get all creative with your beanie. They dominate the casual scene, and since there are no rigid rules in the casual scene, feel free to try out anything.