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What is a Trucker Hat?

What is a Trucker Hat? The Ultimate TruckHat Lovers Guide

Trucker hats have been in the fashion scene for quite some time. They were first popular among truck drivers before hitting the fashion world. They are also referred to as netback hats or mesh caps. A lot of people consider trucker hats to be in the family of baseball caps. Well, they have the same design as baseball caps, but the main difference comes in at the back of the caps. The behind part of trucker hats is usually plastic mesh. There is also a noticeable difference in the front part of the crown. The front surfaces of trucker hats are broader than regular baseball hats.

Now that we have the little misunderstanding resolved, let’s press on and tell you more about trucker hats.

What is a Trucker Hat?

Origin of the Trucker Hat

The trucker hats date back to the 1960s. The companies that dealt with farming and feed stores gave out the caps to truck drivers and farmers. The hats gradually became a popular accessory for promotional giveaway items from these companies. Therefore, they ended up being very popular among rural dwellers. The name trucker hat originates from their popularity among truckers.

One of the reasons why trucker hats popularity spread like a bush fire is because they could fit anyone, since they were easily adjustable. Farm supply companies also played a pivotal role in spreading the trucker hat popularity not only to farmers but everyone else who needed a cool hat style. These companies were taking advantage of the long and straight front part of the cap to market their brands. They printed their logos on the front of the caps and that was a powerful way to market their products and services.

What is a Trucker Hat?

How to Wear the Trucker Hat

Are you in love with the trucker hat, yet you cannot figure out how to wear it? Worry not because this is the section we teach you how to accessorize with a trucker hat to look like someone stepping out of a Hollywood movie.

Wearing it forward-facing 

If you want to create a simple casual look, then this is the most elegant way to wear a trucker hat. To pull off this style, let the brim face in front and the mesh behind. This style is the most comfortable and fashionable positioning of the hat. It also requires you to have the right outfit. You can wear it with fitted black pants, a white t-shirt, and a denim jacket. You can also put on jeans and a V-neck t-shirt to look more stylish and simple.

Wearing it backward

This style is popular among schoolboys who want to look more fashionable. The brim faces behind while the plastic mesh faces the front. It gives a relaxed vibe when worn backward and pointing downwards. You can also choose to put the brim backward and straight. This look is, however, outdated and awkward. To avoid this unpleasant look, place the back part of the hat above the hairline and allow the front section to face downwards on the behind. You can also appear to be thoughtful and humble by putting on jeans and a colored shirt.

Pulling the bill upwards

Do you want to look bold and trendy? If yes, this is the best style for you. This style adds life to your outfit. To pull off this look, put the hat forward-facing and pull the bill or brim upwards just above the hairline. We can bet that you will get a few stops on the way to ask you about fashion tips.

The don’ts of trucker hats

  • Don’t overdress when wearing a trucker hat. They are made for simplicity and that is the vibe your outfit should give.
  • Never try to be exceptional by wearing your hat facing sideways. You will look like a fashion infant and leave people dying with laughter.
  • If you are a beginner, stick to darker colors first
What is a Trucker Hat?



We all want to look excellent and fashionable. Even more, we all yearn for an upgraded hat-game. The trucker hat is trendy and a must-have accessory in your wardrobe. You can look good on these trucker hats even without trying too hard. Wear the right clothes and rock your hat like a movie star. We hope the few styles we have highlighted here will get you started on the right foot.