Different types of adjustable hat closures

What are the Different Types of Hat Closures?

If you are the type of person who is always struggling with the dilemma of choice when it comes to headwear, then we got you covered. Don’t sweat!

You’d think that too many choices would make it easier to decide, but when it comes to choosing hats, there are so many things to consider first, both in terms of style and applicability. Especially if you’re looking for custom hats.

It is not just about the texture, structure, or the materials used, but everything, down to the smallest details of the design matters. But, we’ll only mention one part of the equation below.

Hat Closures

One of these varieties when it comes to choosing headwear are closures. You know the old saying, ‘hats maketh man!’

Well, maybe that wasn’t it, but here in Delusion MFG, we believe headwear blank or custom can add functionality but a great accessory to a brand.

Now, I know what you are thinking. ‘Why would I want to know about different types of hat closures?’ Imagine that you are going through column after column and page after page of an online hat store (nods to self!), and you can’t seem to find the type of hat that you are looking for.

Well, knowing about the different types of hat closures can easily narrow down your search efforts and make it easier to find the appropriate type of headwear that perfectly captures your taste and style.

If you’re planning to get a custom hat or cap made, closure types are usually something that needs to be thought of in the overall design of your hat.

2 Types of Hat Closures

Simply put, hat closures comes in two different variations.

  1. Non-adjustable (also known as fitted hat closures)
  2. Adjustable closures

Non-adjustable Hat Closures

Let us start with non-adjustable or fitted hat closures. That much is obvious from the name itself as these type of hats do not have any sort of medium or mechanism to adjust the size of the hat and are fitted to specified head sizes and have stretchable fabrics that fits around your head.

They also require measurements before they can properly fit your head. You can recognize this type of closure from the closed back of the hat.

Typical fitted hats can be the typical baseball hat or something more specific like the New Era fitted caps.

Adjustable Closures

The second type that comes in numerous designs and colors are adjustable hat closures. This type of closure allows you to adjust the size of the hat, and unlike fitted hats, they have an opening in the back right above the closure, which leaves room for necessary adjustments.

They are usually cheaper than their fitted counterparts. These types of hats are usually more popular than fitted hats, not simply because they are less expensive, but because the buyer doesn’t have to worry about measuring and sizing before making their purchase.

For this sole reason, adjustable hats usually make it to top of the list when it comes to group activities such as team sports (softball, baseball, etc.)

As already stated, one of the obvious advantages of adjustable closures is the opening in the back which allows men or women with long hair to make their hair into a ponytail and put it out of the opening instead of uncomfortably or awkwardly shoving it inside the hat.

The Different Variations of Hat Closures

Polysnaps: This fabric will give you the classic, vintage appearance of snapbacks and comes in all colors to match your hat.

Nylon: Nylon clips will make any type of hat look appealing and they also come in plain uniform colors. If you want a more spicy look, you can look for straps with patterns on them. Reach out to us and we can create any pattern, look or design you’re looking for.

Leather: Leather will give your hat a touch of classic quality and craftsmanship. These type of straps usually utilize a metal buckle or adjustable slide that can give you more options, appearance-wise.

Cloth: This type of strap comes in two different forms. One is a slide that allows the end of the strap to get tucked into it for size adjustment, and the other a metal buckle completed with an eyelet that allows the strap to fit into the eyelet.

Velcro: you might be familiar with this one as it is used in a wide variety of clothing items (mainly shoes) Velcro strap is probably one of the least troublesome and comfortable closures to have on your hat, as it only requires you to strap one side of it to the other side and you’re good to go.

Elastic: Very much like Velcro, elastic hat closures are like having an overall stretchable hat on your head because it doesn’t require any work or adjustment to fit on your head. As the name might suggest, Elastic closures stretch long enough to fit.

Plastic: Choosing a plastic strap is yet another option for hat enthusiasts looking to know about the different types of hat closures. Our line of products here in Delusion MFG can give you this option in diverse design patterns that come in various colors.


Choosing the closure of your hat might be difficult, specifically if you are obsessive about your choice of fashion.

Learning the usages and specifications of each hat closure can give you an idea when you decide to go to Delusion MFG and buy your stylish headwear.

And so far as the idea of too many options are concerned, you can be sure that we’ve narrowed down the most stylish and cool headwear for you to choose with ease and comfort. Functional, practical and trendy.

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