What’s the difference: Constructed VS Unconstructed Hats

What’s the difference: Constructed VS Unconstructed Hats

Constructed and Unconstructed hats are popular terms in the world of headwear. Online stores and vendors will always use these terms. A lot of hat lovers, however, are not familiar with these terms used in describing hats. It would be best if you familiarize yourself with the differences between the two cap designs. This way you will have an easier time shopping for your caps, and also selecting the right caps for a specific occasion. This article gives you distinct differences between Constructed and Unconstructed hats. No more confusing the two after reading this piece to the end.

What does it mean by “constructed” and “unconstructed” hats?

Before we dive right into the meaning, structured hats are also called constructed caps, while unstructured hats are also called unconstructed hats. 

It is the crown of the hat that will determine whether the cap is structured or unstructured. The crown of the structured hat comes with a definite shape. It is rigid and does not take up the shape of the head. 

On the other hand, the crown of unstructured hats takes up the shape of the wearer’s head. The crown is flabby, and will only take shape when it is worn. It gets back to its flabbiness when it is taken from the head. 

Materials used in making structured and unstructured hats

Most structured hats are made of felt wool or straw. However, a lot of them are made of cotton. But the crowns of structured cotton hats are often reinforced with buckram. The stiff buckram material makes the crown stand steadily. Unstructured hats are made of cotton, polyester, corduroy, and sometimes wool. They do not have buckram fitted in them for reinforcement.

The height of the crown

Structured hats often have high crowns. The tall crowns need to be rigid so as to stand. The crown would otherwise keep falling out of shape. The heads of unstructured hats are short and low. They do not rise high above the brim of the hat. Also, they do not need any rigidness to fit well.

Style and occasions 

Structured hats are often more massive than unstructured hats. Due to their big size, they draw a lot of attention to the wearer. For this reason, they are more suitable for high-profile and stylish events. They are also a preferred choice for professional wear, such as security and police uniforms.

Unconstructed hats are more laid-back. They are suitable for relaxed events such as going to school, movies, and outings. They draw minimal attention to the wearer, thanks to their tightly fitting crowns.



The rigidness and the shape of a hat’s crown is the determining factor as to whether it’s a constructed hat or an unconstructed hat. As a lover of headwear, you should be able to differentiate the two.  If you are fashion conscious and would love to wear a hat suitable for any occasion, knowing the differences keeps an edge. Constructed hats will be ideal for official functions, while unconstructed would be ideal for casual events. You do not want to mess up and end up looking ridiculous. Keep the differences above at the back of your mind while selecting and shopping for your hats. 

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